Top 36 Nanny Resume Objective Examples

Updated January 19, 2022
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The objective statement is the most important section of a nanny resume.

This statement opens your resume and is usually the first line any recruiter sees in your resume. That is why it determines how closely the hiring manager will look at your CV or resume.

A resume objective statement makes your career ambitions clear and tells the ways how you would add value to the prospective company.

The following 36 examples will help you write a powerful nanny resume objective statement that will set you apart and get your foot in the door.

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36 Best Sample Objectives for Nanny Resume

Experienced Nanny Resume Objective Examples

1. Nurturing and kind-hearted Nanny looking for a position with ABC Company where my childcare training and related work experience will be utilized to provide exceptional physical and academic growth to children.

2. To obtain a job as a Nanny where my 7 years of extensive experience in the child care arena will be used to instill moral values and principles in children.

3. To work for Chicago Nannies as a Nanny Bringing 3+ years’ childcare experience, ability to run errands, and expertise in performing basic housekeeping tasks to manage the needs of the children in the most effective way.

4. Strong desire to work as a Nanny for Mrs. John’s family. Leveraging 15+ years of experience in nurturing children of all ages to help them achieve their cognitive, emotional, educational, and physical goals.

5. Results-driven individual, with over 8 years of experience in looking after the personal, social, and educational needs of children. Seeking a Nanny position at X Company, where my childcare track record and CPR training will be put to good use in helping children meet their specific development goals.

6. To contribute to Cleveland Company in the capacity of a Nanny. Motivated to assist children with both social and academic development to shape their individualized personalities. Offering both inductive, and deductive skills, as well as problem-solving abilities, aimed at helping parents in caring for their children.

7. Professional Nanny with 10+ years of experience in monitoring children to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing. Anticipating working at XYZ Company where my skills in critical thinking, social perceptiveness, and child services orientation will be utilized.

8. Seeking live-in Nanny employment at Oliver’s Nanny Services. Leveraging a caring nature, and an optimistic attitude to help children develop physically and emotionally. Able to assist parents in raising children in a clean, composed, and healthy environment.

9. Talented Nanny looking for a position at Woken Teal. Bringing a unique approach in childcare to provide a warm and welcoming environment for each child.

10. Applying for a Nanny job at Curtains. Bringing 15 years of experience of working in different family modules to craft a personalized approach to each family, taking dedication, compassion, and inherent love for children into the role.

11. To obtain a Nanny position at ABC, hoping to expand the realm of childcare support for families. Highly enthusiastic individual, with hands-on experience in managing households projecting self-motivated energy, and a warm approach.

12. To work as a Nanny at Nannies Inc. offering 9+ years of experience in child and home care management. Anticipating working in a position that allows for the implementation of skills and abilities to meet the specific needs of each child.

13. Interested in working as a Nanny at Bridge Gaps, where I can apply my child care and home management abilities in a dynamic, and busy household. Eager to assist with childcare, growth, and enrichment.

Entry Level Nanny Resume Resume Objective Examples – No Experience

14. A self-motivated and resourceful individual, seeking a position as a Nanny with BAHS. Bringing a strong affection for children along with a professional attitude to develop and nurture children in the most effective manner.

15. Looking for a challenging position as a Nanny where demonstrated love for children and the yearning to make a difference in young lives will be utilized effectively.

16. Seeking a Nanny position with a private family. Bringing a respectful attitude, discretion, and outgoing nature to provide children with exceptional care and education.

17. Poised to work as a Nanny position for Nannies Galore, providing the benefit of extensive knowledge of looking after children to meet their individualized goals.

18. Strong desire to excel as a Nanny at Deep Down. Offering in-depth knowledge of helping children realize their potentials while maintaining their individual personalities.

19. To work as a Nanny at Ian Millan Staffing, hoping to implement social perceptiveness, and nurturing abilities to help assigned children become confident, and happy members of society.

20. Nurturing individual, with an inherent love for children, presently looking for a Nanny post at Caring Is Us. Applying childcare knowledge, to ensure that the best care and service is recognized by the whole family.

21. Seeking a nanny position with ABC Family. Poised to work in a manner that ensures that children feel loved at all times time.

22. Seeking a Nanny position at AAA Agency to nurture children and provide them with activities that work towards both physical and mental development.

23. To work for the San Diego Child Care Center in the capacity of a Nanny. Utilizing professional training in behavior management and skills in undertaking children’s development to surpass your expectations.

24. Dedicated and safety-minded Nanny eager to work for ABC Company to play a positive role in the life of the children and the employer.

25. Hardworking and meticulous child care professional seeking to undertake the role of Nanny at Queen’s Daycare to apply my childcare training and passion to nurture and develop children.

26. Friendly, fun, and energetic Nanny with extensive childcare skills looking to join the team at ABC Nannies, bringing passion to provide children with 24/7 care.

Live-in Nanny Resume Objective Examples

27. Personable, and friendly individual, with a deep interest in providing one on one care to children in the role of a Live-in Nanny. Presently looking for a position at Core Personal Services to leverage expertise in handling personal services for children, as well as young adults.

28. Child care-focused individual, with an intrinsic ability to provide complete care to children within the domestic settings. Seeking a live-in nanny position at Harbor Sitting Services to create a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment in which children can emotionally, and physically thrive.

Infant Nanny Resume Objective Examples

29. Recent high school graduate, with an inherent love for children, presently looking for an infant nanny position at Great Nannies. Offering excellent skills in providing personal care to babies, and infants to ensure their well-being and health.

30. Eager to work for XYZ Company as an Infant Nanny position, applying deep knowledge of handling the needs of newborns and mothers. Expert in preparing formulas for babies, and bathing them while doing light housekeeping work.

Full-time Nanny Objectives

31. Approachable, and friendly individual, seeks a Full-time Nanny position at Jam Nannies. Leveraging experience in looking after the physical, emotional, mental, and educational needs of children.

32. Looking for a Nanny position at ACN Holding, by offering well-developed skills in looking after the basic, and advanced needs of children, and young adults. Eager to apply skills in scheduling and coordinating activities, and planning and supervising rest, bed, and playtimes.

Governess Resume Objectives

33. Detail-oriented, fun, and friendly Governess looking for a position at ABC Company. Offering inherent love for children, and the ability to teach and mentor them. Can adjust to, and accommodate changing circumstances, requiring minimal direction.

34. Empathetic and adaptable individual, seeking a Governess position at XYZ Company. Hoping to provide the benefit of hands-on experience in reaching out to children, and making them comfortable.

Nanny Housekeeper Resume Objectives

35. Looking for a Nanny position at A Brilliant Nanny, eager to use proven skills in looking after children’s safety and wellbeing. Organized, and driven individual, with excellent ability to perform housekeeping work.

36. An organized, and driven individual, with a solid interest in looking after the core needs of children. Seeking a Nanny position at Kids Care to provide excellence in implementing daily routines, reinforcing discipline, and providing personal care. Expert in performing general housekeeping and kitchen management tasks.