Live-in Nanny Resume Sample and Template

Updated: September 1, 2020

A live-in nanny usually lives 24/7 with the host family. They perform child care, as well as light housekeeping and errands running. In order to write a great resume for a live-in nanny position, the applicant has to add the following skills in her resume:

  1. Developing and implementing needs-based programs to deliver well-placed care.
  2. Assisting children in bathing, grooming, and washing.
  3. Performing housework related to child care, such as cleaning up after meals, and washing clothes.

The following sample resume will guide you in this regard.

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Sample Resume for Live-in Nanny

Nicole Jobs
2893 Tee Tree Road, Newport, RI 56300
(000) 543-2317


Child care-focused and energetic Nanny with extensive comprehension of looking after infants, toddlers, and young adults. Ability to provide ongoing care to children, aimed at meeting their physical, emotional, educational, and cognitive needs. Track record of providing a safe, loving, and stimulating environment to children while managing their specific needs.

• Child Development
• Meal Preparation
• Educational Activities
• Safety Management
• Emotional Support
• Homework Assistance
• Discipline Management
• Medication Administration
• Play Areas Maintenance
• Housekeeping, Errand Running and Grocery Shopping

• Introduced children to strategically planned play and learn activities, increasing their interest in education.
• Implemented a series of disciplinary processes, as a result, children learned self-control.
• Successfully performed CPR in an emergency.
• Prepared meals for 30 children of different ages during a time crunch event.


Live-in Nanny
AVF Agency, Newport, RI

• Confer with parents to determine their children’s habits, likes, dislikes, and specific needs.
• Engage children in conversation in order to assess their personalities and limitations.
• Create and implement child-based care programs, intending to meet the individual needs of each assigned ward.
• Prepare children for school by providing them with assistance in learning the alphabets and numbers.
• Prepare meals for each child according to parents’ specific instructions.
• Feed children according to schedule.
• Discipline children by implementing rules and regulations coinciding with parents’ wishes.

City Agency, Newport, RI

• Assisted children by providing them with personal needs assistance in bathing and grooming.
• Provided homework support, ensuring that reports or assignments are completed on time.
• Fed children the right kind of food, as outlined by parents or guardians.
• Cleaned play areas, made children’s beds and ran errands on parents’ requests.
• Arranged play dates for children, and accompany them to playgrounds.
• Assisted in chores running such as grocery shopping and payment of bills.

High School Diploma
Newport High School, Newport, RI

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