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This category contains sample cover letters and resumes for nanny and child care positions in different industries. In addition, this category also contains skills, job descriptions, qualifications, achievements, interview questions and answers, and all kinds of content that will help you in obtaining a nanny position.

Governess Resume Sample

  As a comprehensive document, your resume needs to say a lot about what you have been doing before you applied for a governess job. The governess resume which you build has to be “smart”. This means that it should be able to speak to the employer in a way that he or she deems… Read More »

Governess Cover Letter Sample

Hiring managers work day in and out to pick out the perfect governess – and most of the picking out is done through a cover letter. That is why such emphasis is placed on writing a cover letter that speaks to the employer on many levels.   Job seekers should not take governess cover letter… Read More »

Governess Job Description for Resume

Before you write a governess resume, find out what the job is all about. It is crucial that you know what working as a governess is all about. Even if you have worked as one for a few years, it won’t hurt to go through a job description that charts out what a governess does.… Read More »

Infant Nanny Resume Sample

Guidelines Think twice before you decide which format to use when creating your resume for an infant nanny position. If you are unsure whether a chronological or functional format suits you best, consider using the combination. A combination format provided below will probably be an excellent choice to make your professional existence clear.    … Read More »

Infant Nanny Job Description

Position Overview An infant nanny is hired to assist parents with their children who are not yet of school going age. They look after babies and infants not only physically, but emotionally as well. So if you are a working parent – or even if you aren’t working but need some assistance in handling a… Read More »

Nanny Housekeeper Resume and CV Sample With Guidelines

A nanny housekeeper resume or CV is an important document that highlights job seeker’s skills, achievements, and experiences under different sections. Writing a Nanny Housekeeper CV is an art, not a science. The goal of writing one is not to add your content into a particular template, butinstead, find a format that highlights your experience… Read More »

Nanny Housekeeper Cover Letter Sample and Writing Tips

A nanny housekeeper is required by many companies and private households when responsibilities involve the housekeeping and not just the child care. This position can either be on a ‘live-in’ basis or hourly. Cover letters for a nanny housekeeper position are marketing tools to help you get the job. There are some additional documents that… Read More »

Nanny Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Employers like nanny resumes that are achievement-oriented. Sometimes job seekers, despite being professionally successful, find it challenging to write quantified nanny accomplishments that are worth mentioning. There is an easy way to do this. Instead of searching for documented accomplishments in your past career, look into your daily job duties and present them as accomplishments by… Read More »