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Personal Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Position Overview A personal assistant’s main job is to provide support services to an executive. He or she typically performs administrative and clerical work processes for an executive, aiming to free up their time for other work processes. Education and Skills Requirements In order to be considered eligible to work as a personal assistant, you… Read More »

Activity Assistant Job Description and Duties for Resume

Activity Assistant Job Description An activity assistant is an individual who is hired by facilities such as community living facilities, and old age homes. These individuals are required to provide residents with assistance in engaging in physical and mental activities, aiming to keep them entertained and involved. This work is not easy, as there is… Read More »

Fiscal Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Position Overview A fiscal assistant primarily provides support to an office by working in an auxiliary role. This means that a fiscal assistant needs to know everything about the office or department that he or she is working in, to ensure that all areas can are covered appropriately. In general, a fiscal assistant performs many… Read More »

Shampoo Assistant Job Description for Resume

Position Overview In salons that provide “all-encompassing” services, the role of a shampoo assistant is quite big. In smaller salons, any member of the staff can handle shampooing and conditioning services. However, shampooing is an art so it is important to hire and train particular staff members to do the deed. Shampoo assistants provide clients… Read More »

Showroom Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Showroom Assistant Job Description Showroom assistants work in a variety of settings including the automobile and fashion industry. They are usually the first people customers meet when they enter the showroom and often the only ones they get to meet. These people represent the company that they work for by providing customers with information on… Read More »

Student Research Assistant Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Student research assistants are hired by faculty members to assist them in performing research activities for certain projects. Student research assistants usually participate in the design, execution, and analysis of projects by providing logistical support. They are chosen from a class (or several classes) of students – only those with high personal motivation,… Read More »

Marketing Assistant Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Marketing assistants provide support to the marketing department of a company to function correctly. Their work is mostly administrative in nature; they handle office and support duties that eventually help the marketing team in driving the company’s sales. While specific job duties of a marketing assistant depend on the company that he is… Read More »