Shampoo Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 20, 2021
Position Overview

In salons that provide “all-encompassing” services, the role of a shampoo assistant is quite big.

In smaller salons, any member of the staff can handle shampooing and conditioning services. However, shampooing is an art so it is important to hire and train particular staff members to do the deed.

Shampoo assistants provide clients with both shampooing and conditioning services so that their hair can be made ready for blow-dries or other hair treatments.

As a shampoo assistant, you will need to be knowledgeable about different hair and scalp types, associated medical conditions, and which products to use in what circumstances.

If you have this information, you will find yourself to be in a better position to provide the services entrusted to you.

Sample Job Description for Shampoo Assistant Resume

• Engage clients in conversation to determine if they may be allergic to any hair care products.
• Inquire into clients’ preferences for using particular products and provide suggestions for alternatives if preferred ones are not available.
• Inspect hair and scalp to determine if there is any evidence of chronic problems or diseases and advise treatments.
• Wet clients’ hair and apply shampoo, massaging both the scalp and hair strands as much as required.
• Wash shampoo out completely, apply conditioners, and ensure that conditioners are also washed out completely.
• Towel-dry or / and blow-dry clients’ hair gently according to specific instructions provided by the hairstylists.
• Assist in blow-drying and styling activities by holding dryers and brushes and clips in place.
• Provide support to the stylist by ensuring that the hairstyling dock is well-stocked at all times.
• Perform hot and cold oil hair massages and provide assistance with manicures and pedicures.
• Ensure the general cleanliness and maintenance of the salon area, paying special attention to sanitizing procedures.
• Manage the front desk, schedule appointments, and follow up on them to ensure that time slots are properly managed.

Position Requirements

You do not need a degree or certification in cosmetology to work as a shampoo assistant – a high school diploma or GED is sufficient. However, you do need to understand and appreciate the work required from a shampoo assistant to be able to handle the procedure properly.

In many salons, shampoo assistants also perform other work such as handling the salon’s laundry needs and assisting other personnel with functions such as manicures and pedicures – when they are not doing anything else, that is.