Fiscal Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: July 5, 2022
Position Overview

A fiscal assistant primarily provides support to an office by working in an auxiliary role.

This means that a fiscal assistant needs to know everything about the office or department that he or she is working in, to ensure that all areas can are covered appropriately.

In general, a fiscal assistant performs many important duties including maintaining activity logs, providing data entry support, and assisting with payroll management activities.

Position Requirements

Typically, a fiscal assistant needs to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

If you have some experience working in this area, the knowledge will of course be valuable for a hiring manager.

In addition to this, it is imperative for you to be deadline-oriented, thorough, and exceptionally well organized as they are great support systems for company executives.

Also, you should possess knowledge of policies and procedures related to departmental or functional areas that they are assigned to.

In addition to these skills, it is imperative for fiscal assistants to possess an exceptional understanding of basic business data processing and recordkeeping work.

Here is a list of work duties particular to a fiscal assistant’s role:

Fiscal Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist in financial and record-keeping work by ensuring that all systems are in check

• Prepare requests for funds and accountability reports for funders

• Assist managers with budget preparation duties, paying special attention to conformance with federal and state laws

• Provide insight into the development, management, and implementation of financial systems and office procedures and methods

• Perform office support duties such as filing, record keeping, and correspondence processing

• Manage data entry, tracking, and reporting work and ensure that it is interfaced with spreadsheets and contracts

• Prepare manual payments forms and ensure that all obtained data is accurately punched into the system

• Oversee development of payment plans and approve or reject plans created for defaulting customers

• Prepare, review and process time sheets, paying special attention to calculating complex numbers

• Process both central and departmental payroll reports and provide assistance in processing payments to insurance carriers and vendors

• Perform, monitor, and reconcile transactions and research and analyze issues and problems within provider billing systems

• Process purchase requisitions and review and enter vouchers for payment for official / operational expense

• Prepare and process deposits and ensure that they are processed in a timely manner

• Determine office equipment requirements and manage vendor relations and files/contracts in a confidential manner