Activity Assistant Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: November 21, 2020
Activity Assistant Job Description

An activity assistant is an individual who is hired by facilities such as community living facilities, and old age homes. These individuals are required to provide residents with assistance in engaging in physical and mental activities, aiming to keep them entertained and involved.

This work is not easy, as there is a lot that one needs to do in order to make sure that assigned residents remain involved.

A list of activity assistant duties is provided below for your reference:

Activity Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Engage residents in conversation to determine their specific interests and hobbies.
  • Assist in the creation and implementation of core activity plans to engage residents.
  • Plan and facilitate daily, weekly, and monthly events to encourage socialization and relaxation.
  • Handle logistics to make events possible, including making calls, advertising, and managing budgets.
  • Planning and implement activities to meet residents’ specific needs, including large groups and individual participation.
  • Assist residents by providing them with information on the correct and safe use of activity equipment and supplies.
  • Lead participants in group activities, including exercise classes and art projects.
  • Create and maintain records of residents, ensuring that accuracy and confidentiality are maintained on a constant basis.
  • Develop and implement rehabilitative and recreational activities for each resident, according to his or her requirements and interests.
  • Improvise activity programs, ensuring that each resident’s hobbies and interests are incorporated.
  • Prepare activity schedules with the program director, and arrange for venue and materials, ensuring that venue partners are kept in the loop.
  • Assist residents with activities in cases where they are unable to handle them on their own.

Activity Assistant Position Requirements

Eligibility criteria to work as an activity assistant is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. If you have had some experience, even in a volunteer position, you will be considered a good option to hire.

Other requirements to work at this position include the ability to reach out to people from different walks of life, and different age groups. If you are a pleasant and patient person and possess the ability to reach out to people, you will be highly successful at this work.

Working as an activity assistant means that you will be constantly on the go, requiring you to possess physical grit and stamina.

Previous experience in a healthcare setting is welcomed by hiring managers, as you will be able to handle the work in a more profound fashion, than if you do not have any exposure to it.