Personal Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: May 14, 2022
Position Overview

A personal assistant’s main job is to provide support services to an executive.

He or she typically performs administrative and clerical work processes for an executive, aiming to free up their time for other work processes.

Education and Skills Requirements

In order to be considered eligible to work as a personal assistant, you should possess a high school diploma or a GED. A degree is usually preferred.

In addition, a personal assistant must possess some skills such as good time management, excellent multitasking abilities, and knowledge of office work practices in order to be successful at this work.

Professional discretion, verbal and written articulacy, and efficiency are also key requirements of a personal assistant.

To see what a personal assistant’s duties and responsibilities are in particular, let’s have a look at the following list:

Personal Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Act as the first point of contact for all queries aimed at managers or executives.
• Manage diaries, and organize calendars, ensuring that meetings are properly handled.
• Arrange for travel and accommodation for executives and teams.
• Assist in organizing events such as meetings, seminars, and symposiums.
• Provide reminders to executives regarding important tasks and events.
• Accompany executives to important events, and handle minutes of all meetings.
• Compile reports, presentations, and correspondence.
• Perform filing and paperwork for different events and incidents.
• Respond to telephone calls, provide information, and take and record messages.
• Conduct and prepare research for reporting executives based on their requirements.
• Take dictation, and ensure that it is properly jotted down.
• Source and inventory office supplies and equipment, through consistent liaison with vendors and suppliers.
• Devise office filing and database systems, and assist in maintaining them.
• Coordinate projects through the implementation of appropriate timelines and strategies.
• Run errands as per requests, and ensure that all work processes are performed in a timely manner.
• Perform data entry work processes, and maintain files and folders.
• Manage both internal as well as external correspondence with other offices, vendors, and suppliers.
• Handle copying, scanning, and documents faxing work.
• Create internal and external events, and make preparations to ensure that they are executed properly.
• Collate and file expenses, in sync with accounting procedures.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with clients and third parties.
• Deal with incoming mail, ensuring that all responses are properly and timely provided.
• Deputize the executives, ensuring that work processes are properly delegated.
• Follow up on delegated work processes, ensuring that they are performed in a timely manner.

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