Editorial Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 27, 2022
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Position Overview

Books, journals, publicity materials, and magazines all pass through the critical eyes of editorial assistants before they are sent to the editorial staff.

They act as a point of contact for writers and also act as personal assistants to the editorial staff.

As part of their work, editorial assistants set up interviews and provide support to editors in choosing projects and writers.

A significant part of their work involves writing and editing copy, proofreading documents, and checking the accuracy of articles.

To work as an editorial assistant, one has to possess excellent verbal and written communication skills along with a solid ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

Working as an editorial assistant is usually the first step to gaining an editor’s job eventually.

Much training is provided at this stage for people who aspire to work in publications

. If you have good communication skills and attention to detail, working as an editorial assistant may be the right job for you.

Editorial assistants are often required to write articles, so it is important to be able to write coherently. Main duties for people working as editorial assistants include the following.

Job Description for Editorial Assistant Resume

• Edit and proofread books, journals, manuals, magazines, and online content.

• Ensure that all information in any document is based on facts, especially if the document is a factual one.

• Perform research work to determine the accuracy of documents to be edited and proofread.

• Make stylistic, structural, and grammatical corrections along with other substantive changes.

• Perform document layout work and maintain printing deadlines.

• Coordinate the different aspects of document printing, such as design and production.

• Research for appropriate images to go with the provided text.

• Confer with the author to determine the style and format of documents.

• Oversee compilation and proofreading of indexes and tables of contents.

• Work with printing teams to ensure that printing is done in a manner predefined by the editorial team.

• Read manuscripts and perform judgment on their suitability for the publishing house.

• Deal with the administration aspect of work commissioned to freelancers, researchers, photographers, and illustrators.

• Coordinate with several agencies and other publishing houses to obtain rights to use specific materials.

• Answer telephone queries aimed at obtaining information about the publication house’s services.

• Ensure that all photographs, images, and text documents are filed properly.

• Prepare fact sheets and write catalog and promotional copy for specific projects.