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Research Assistant Resume Example

Resumes that are written for research assistant positions need to be perfect in every sense. Hiring managers need to know that your ability to handle the work is exceptional.   And your resume should lead them to believe in you as a possible candidate for a position. When writing your resume for a research assistant… Read More »

Personal Assistant Resume No Experience

An individual aspiring to work as a personal assistant does not necessarily need to have experience. At the entry level, knowledge and skills are all that is required. However, you have to write a resume that shows your personal assistant skills and interest in the work. And for that, you need to make a special… Read More »

Ophthalmic Assistant Resume No Experience

No experience in hand as an ophthalmic assistant does not mean that your resume has to be any less. In fact, you can make your resume a great read. All you have to do is place information in it in a manner that is attractive to the recruiter. An ophthalmic assistant must include information such… Read More »

Ophthalmic Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Even if you have no experience of working as an ophthalmic assistant, you still can write a rocking cover letter. Book knowledge and correlating training will help you make a mark for yourself. Recruiters will need to know how well you know the work. In fact, your knowledge of preparing patients for examinations, and performing… Read More »

Pet Shop Assistant Job Description

Position Overview & Qualifications A pet shop assistant helps pet shop owners in handling the many duties associated with the work. He or she ensures that the shop is properly handled. Also, it is her or his duty to ensure cleanliness and maintenance of the shop. Typically, a high school diploma is sufficient to work… Read More »

Pet Shop Assistant Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for a pet shop assistant position should highlight the applicant’s ability to handle busy pet shops. In addition, he or she should emphasize specific retail skills. While writing a cover letter for a pet shop assistant position, it is imperative to focus on your skills with pets. How you handle them makes… Read More »

Pet Shop Assistant Resume Sample

A pet shop assistant’s resume has to reflect his or her main skills and experience. Typically, a resume for this position will highlight an individual’s ability to oversee and handle tasks at a pet shop. Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a pet shop assistant. However, previous… Read More »

Assistant Landscaper Cover Letter Sample

September 29, 2018 Mr. Mathew Tennyson Human Resources Manager True Farms Landscaping Solutions 294 North Highway Bowling Green, KY 55547   Dear Mr. Tennyson: I am writing to express my interest in and enthusiasm for the Assistant Landscaper position posted on The great outdoors has been my way of life for the last 4… Read More »

Barber Shop Assistant Cover Letter Sample

For hiring managers, cover letters are a dime a dozen. Unless they come across one that really tickles their fancy. Remember that a cover letter has a certain purpose, which if lost, can be quite a bad thing for the person who has written it. Cover letters are not something that you can take lightly.… Read More »

Barber Assistant Resume Sample

A resume Barber Assistant needs to have all the information that a hiring manager wants to read – and not necessarily what you want him or her to know. Here is a sample to follow so that you can get this information right:     Barber Assistant Resume Example   Josh James 82 Blue Street,… Read More »