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On The Job Trainer Resume Sample

You can provide on the job training to newly hired coworkers, interns, or underlings, depending on how skilled and experienced you are in this role. It does not matter which capacity you have been hired in – if your leadership and training skills are spots on, you have a great chance of being hired as… Read More »

Student Intern Resume Objectives Examples

As a student, you will have many options to intern during and after your degree. Picking the right one is important. In order to apply for a student intern position, you will need to write a resume that beats all other resumes.   Since the beginning of a resume is the objective, this is where… Read More »

Student Intern Resume Sample

There are times when a student’s academic and professional lives cross paths. An internship is usually required by many universities in order to complete a degree program. In such a case, students have to obtain internships.   The problem here is that writing a resume to apply for an internship position is often considered a… Read More »

High School Student Career Objective Examples

As a high school student, your first job will be quite important to you. When you are embarking on this journey, you have to make sure that your resume speaks volumes for you. Since the career objective will be the first thing that a hiring manager will read when he or she picks up your… Read More »

Student Skills for Resume

Students may feel that their skills are not much to write home about, especially where resumes are concerned. In fact, this is not true. When you are applying for the first time, you can highlight some of your skills. As a student, you can bank on many skills such as leadership qualities, ability to work… Read More »

Computer Science Student Resume No Experience

Many colleges require students to obtain experience through internships or externships. And if it is a computer science degree that you are perusing, you will need to obtain some practical experience. A resume written for a computer science student will highlight the applicant’s inherent qualities and involvement in college activities. In fact, the applicant will… Read More »

Student Resume for Psychology Internship

Writing a resume for an internship can be tricky, especially when you delve into the fact that you may not have a lot to write in it. But do not worry – you can still write a lot even if you do not have the experience to bank on. You can talk about your skills… Read More »

Recommendation Sample for Student Entering High School

For a document headed To Whom It May Concern, recommendation letters sure do have a lot of importance. In today’s world, there really isn’t anything much that you can do without recommendations – even if it is something as simple as enrolling into high school. For academic institutes, it is imperative that they hire high… Read More »

Best 6 Student Resume Summary Examples

Do you know for whom writing a resume summary is the most difficult? New graduates. That is because they are new at everything, including writing resumes. And it becomes a bit daunting to write the right thing to impress prospective employers. But there are ways of getting around this difficulty. If you know exactly what… Read More »

Student Research Assistant Cover Letter Sample

How does one connect with a hiring manager on a one on one basis? No, the resume is not the right answer. A resume is a professional document – much too professional to be considered a tool to touch base with a prospective employer. The correct answer is the cover letter! While this too is… Read More »