Student Research Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 3, 2021

Position Overview

Student research assistants are hired by faculty members to assist them in performing research activities for certain projects. Student research assistants usually participate in the design, execution, and analysis of projects by providing logistical support.

They are chosen from a class (or several classes) of students – only those with high personal motivation, self-management skills, and detail orientation are hired for this job.

Most student research assistants are paid for their efforts. Some may even work at this position if it is declared an unpaid position so that they can gain valuable experience – the term “student research assistant” looks quite good on an entry-level resume! Students who are comfortable with technology and possess exceptional research skills.

Are you wondering who hires student research assistants?

They are usually hired by teachers and professors within the school or college that the student is enrolled in.

These people know most students inside out and are capable of separating the ones that have high prospects in research work. Student research assistants may also be hired for laboratory work – it all depends on the degree that the student is pursuing.

Even in medical education settings, student research assistants are favored so that they can provide faculty members with valuable information and learn during the process too.

Some important duties of a student research assistant include:

Sample Job Description for Student Research Assistant Resume

• Discuss the specifics of a project with presiding faculty members and chart out ways of handling research work.
• Manage data collection activities by performing research activities on the Internet and designated libraries.
• Enter collected data into predefined databases and transcribe tapes and handwritten notes by ensuring accuracy.
• Assist faculty members in designing and maintaining online surveys and relational databases.
• Provide support in producing written, tabular and visual materials for research reports and presentations.
• Conduct literature reviews for special projects and collect and analyze correlating data.
• Prepare interview questions and assist in the recruitment of new staff members.
• Maintain records of interviews by safeguarding confidential information such as contact data and interview outcomes.
• Prepare and maintain website materials according to provided instructions for information updates.
• Manage and respond to project-related mail by ensuring that each response is in accordance to the facility’s protocols.
• Prepare progress reports, articles, and presentations for information purposes.
• Create fact sheets, tables, and graphs to summarize research results.
• Perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of data using predefined system software.
• Develop and implement core research quality control procedures.