Pet Shop Assistant Job Description

Updated on: November 22, 2018

Position Overview & Qualifications

A pet shop assistant helps pet shop owners in handling the many duties associated with the work.

He or she ensures that the shop is properly handled. Also, it is her or his duty to ensure cleanliness and maintenance of the shop.

Typically, a high school diploma is sufficient to work as a pet shop assistant. But if you have previous experience, you will be considered a good person to hire.

As a pet shop assistant, you will be required to handle many duties such as cleaning and sanitizing animal cages and beddings, changing beddings, and restraining animals when necessary.

In addition, it will be your job to ensure that animals are fed on time.

Moreover, your duties will require you to groom animals, as well as advise pet owners on how to handle grooming and cleaning.

As a pet shop assistant, you will also be responsible for many duties, and you will have to do all of them with great care.

A list of duties for a pet shop assistant resume is provided here for your benefit:


Pet Shop Assistant Job Description

• Welcome customers as they enter the pet shop.

• Inquire into their purpose of visit.

• Provide information such as available pets and their breeds.

• Assist customers in choosing the right type of pet to suit their abilities.

• Look after assigned pets by giving them food and water.

• Oversee animals’ personal needs, such as grooming and bathing.

• Clean out animals’ accommodations like cages, houses, and sheds.

• Sanitize animal dwellings on a regular basis.

• Provide customers with information on how to handle pets once they are taken home.

• Administer medication in order to avert diseases and injuries.

• Disinfect and bandage wounds according to vets’ orders.

• Check animals for signs of illnesses, and report to the shop manager.

• Oversee supplies such as food bags, litter, bedding, and medicines.

• Clean out fish tanks, as well as ensure appropriate chemical balance in them.

• Sell pet care products such as food, shampoo, and treats.

• Advise customers on how to look after their pets.

• Ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the back end and the front end.

• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors to ensure on-time delivery of products.

• Process cash and credit card payments and tender receipts and change.

• Unpack stock and fill shelves with new products.

• Open the pet shop at the beginning of each day, and closing it at night.

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