Showroom Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: July 5, 2021
Showroom Assistant Job Description

Showroom assistants work in a variety of settings including the automobile and fashion industry. They are usually the first people customers meet when they enter the showroom and often the only ones they get to meet.

These people represent the company that they work for by providing customers with information on products displayed in the showroom and are also responsible for demonstrating them.

Some showroom assistants also handle the POS system which is why their cash handling skills need to be exceptional as well. Depending on the industry that one wants to work for, information of both the company and its standing in the industry is important so that one can talk intelligently with customers. Additionally, good conversation skills and the ability to handle adverse situations effectively is imperative.

To work as a showroom assistant, one has to possess a high school diploma or GED and be trained in providing exceptional customer service skills. He or she may also be required to have some knowledge of handling marketing duties as they are provided with targets that they need to meet on a periodic basis.

In most instances, showroom assistants report to showroom managers – they provide them with an overview of the day’s sales and selling efforts along with making sure that any problems are escalated to them. Some duties that a showroom assistant will be required to perform include:

Showroom Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they arrive at the showroom and inquire into their purpose of visit.
• Listen actively to customers while they provide details of what they want to buy or look at.
• Lead or escort customers to their desired locations within the showroom or provide them with directions.
• Assist customers in locating items of their choice and provide them with information on its features.
• Demonstrate product features, by clearly articulating each important article and its use.
• Provide advice to customers regarding different brands and their standing in the market.
• Lead customers through the payment process by escorting them to POS stations and / or processing their payments by cash or credit cards.
• Ensure that product warranties are handed over to customers at the time of purchase and ensure that their purchases are delivered to their vehicles.
• Handle product displays by ensuring that sufficient pieces are placed on shelves at all times.
• Maintain the cleanliness and maintenance of the showroom by coordinating custodial services.
• Handle customer complaints by ensuring complete customer satisfaction at all levels.