General Warehouse Associate Resume Sample

Updated on: July 27, 2021

Whether you are applying for a warehouse job at the very top of the hierarchy or one at the bottom (entry-level), your resume has to be top-notch.

You cannot expect to bring results if you do not create a good first impression on a hiring manager, who is looking for perfection in an employee. Fine, you cannot be absolutely perfect but it is important to aim to be as near perfect as possible.

And since your only chance is a resume (initially anyway), you have to make sure that this document is written with a lot of care.

Let us provide you with a resume example for warehouse associate that you can follow:

General Warehouse Associate Resume Sample

Mark Baker
1253 Briar Lane, Norwich, CT 55565
(000) 999-1010
markbaker @ email . com


Dedicated Warehouse Associate with 8+ years’ verifiable track record of providing exceptional customer services by accurately picking orders and ensuring that they are timely shipped out. A versatile and analytic individual who has first-hand experience in organizing stock and maintaining inventory within a warehouse environment. Examines incoming and outgoing shipments by ensuring that they conform to company standards.

• Data System Management
• Order Picking and Packing
• Sorting and Placing
• Warehouse Accessibility and Safety
• Facilities Maintenance
• Damage Control
• Customer Service • Workplace Safety
• Merchandise Check-in Procedures
• Inventory Management • Forklift Operation
• Loss Prevention Programs • Communication


Warehouse Associate
GRIMCO, Norwich, CT
Aug 2018 – PresentKey Achievements
• Devised and implemented a loss prevention system that reduced incidents of lost good by 40%.
• Increase workplace safety by 50% by holding periodic safety workshops, mandatory for all warehouse staff to attend.
• Provided training to 18 warehouse clerks in operating forklifts to pick and transport items, resulting in all of them achieving certification without any hitches.
Key Responsibilities
• Organize warehouse storage areas with a view to optimizing space.
• Accurately check and fill customer invoices to ensure conformance to documentation standards.
• Verify merchandise received against receiving notes and report any discrepancies immediately.
• Assist in stocking shelves with items and rotating stock so that newly arrived merchandise can be used last.
• Prepare shipment orders by pulling items from shelves, packing and labeling them appropriately.
• Devise appropriate storage spaces for different types of items and ensure that they are stacked properly.

Warehouse Associate
Some Company, Norwich, CT
Sep 2015 – Aug 2018
Key Achievements
• Streamlined the inventory control procedure by implementing a sophisticated, dynamic inventory system.
• Optimized warehouse procedures by devising and implementing strategies to ensure the complete organization.
Key Responsibilities
• Handle inventory procedures such as monitoring and procurement and compile information regarding daily inventory counts.
• Provide training to warehouse clerks to ensure that they carry out their work in an appropriate and safe manner.
• Suggest improvements within the warehouse area and assist in implementing procedures for improvements decided on.
• Count items and ensure that any discrepancies are researched and resolved immediately.

Warehouse Worker
Thomas Logistics, Norwich, CT
Mar 1999 – Sep 2000
Key Responsibilities
• Assisted in picking and packing orders by following predefined warehouse order picking procedures.
• Moved items from labeling or storage areas to delivery pallets and assisted in loading them on to delivery trucks.
• Stacked packages/boxes in delivery vehicles in a safe manner and ensure that all paperwork is sent with outgoing shipments.
• Assisted in receiving shipments by unloading trucks and ensuring that all necessary paperwork has been received.
• Cleaned and maintained warehouse floor by following strict instructions regarding workplace safety and cleanliness.

Certification in Warehousing Operations

High School Diploma