General Warehouse Laborer Job Description

Updated on: March 8, 2019

Position Overview

A general warehouse laborer performs many duties inside a warehouse, such as picking, packing, and shipment.

.He or she is expected to be a jack of all trades.


Position Requirements.

Working as a general warehouse worker does not need more than a high school diploma. However, knowledge of warehouse tasks is important. Even if you have worked as a warehouse apprentice, you will be considered a good choice to hire.

While working as a general warehouse laborer, it is important that you possess a number of skills.

These would include knowledge of locating and picking items, and the ability to pack them safely. Moreover, recruiters will expect that you know how to handle labeling and sealing work.

As a general warehouse laborer, your work will also include cleaning and tidying up assigned areas.

From time to time, you will be performing physically taxing work. This is why it is imperative that you possess physical strength.

Specifically, the following is what a general laborer does:



General Warehouse Laborer Job Description

• Check and understand work orders.

• Create plans in order to determine work processes.

• Locate items using technology such as RTL systems.

• Search for items manually, where required.

• Locate items on the storage shelves, and pick them up.

• Inspect picked items in order to ensure their quality.

• Pick items using forklifts.

• Transport picked items to packaging areas.

• Check items in order to ensure quality and quantity metrics.

• Pack picked items in proper crates, cartons, or packs.

• Affix labels with proper information, for example, weight, expiry, and destination address.

• Move items to delivery areas using forklifts and pallet jacks, and by hand.

• Assist in loading picked orders onto awaiting delivery trucks.

• Ensure that all packages are properly stacked and secured by strapping them according to the procedure.

• Create paperwork such as bills and invoices, and ensure that they are included with shipments.

• Provide dispatchers with outgoing shipment information.

• Create and maintain liaison with dispatchers in order to obtain incoming shipment information.

• Receive incoming items and place them in assigned storage areas.

• Ensure that inventory information is constantly updated.

• Set storage areas to make extra space.

• Accommodate small packages in created space in storage areas.

• Update RTL systems with item location information.

• Check inventory on a regular basis.

• Communicate low stock situations to the warehouse supervisor.

• Oversee the work of warehouse apprentices.

• Ensure the general cleanliness and maintenance of the warehouse.

• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on warehouse equipment.

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