Coca Cola Warehouse Worker Job Description

Updated on: May 7, 2018

Working in Coca-Cola is many people’s dream work – starting off your career as a warehouse worker may eventually lead to you climbing up the ladder quickly, to a managerial position.

Working as a warehouse worker at CocaCola means that you will need to be on your feet most of the day, providing assistance in picking, packing, and shipping orders to various retail centers.

To work as a warehouse worker at Coca-Cola, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very minimum. Prior experience in a warehouse capacity will take you a long way, where consideration for a position is concerned. Even if you have worked in a warehouse that does not cater to beverages, you will be considered a good person to hire. In addition to this, you must possess the physical strength to be able to handle physically dexterous work, as you will be picking, lifting, and hauling large cartons of beverages from one place to another.

Moreover, you will need to possess the ability to locate required items by using indexing systems. As a warehouse worker at Coca Cola, you will be required to handle the packing and labeling part of the work as well.

This will require you to be knowledgeable of the system used for labeling and packing, to ensure that the right carton reaches the right destination.

Some duties particular to the position of a Coca Cola warehouse worker are provided below for reference purposes:

Coca-Cola Warehouse Worker Duties & Responsibilities

• Take and understand work orders for picking beverage cartons from specified areas.

• Locate ordered items in the inventory, and determine their placement within the warehouse.

• Use forklifts to pick items from storage areas, and transport them to the checking area.

• Check all picked items to ensure that they are in good order, including expiry dates.

• Pack cratons in creates, by following pre-established instructions, and ensure that they are properly labeled with batch numbers, and expiry dates.

• Affix destination information on cartons, to include client name, address, and telephone number.

• Transport picked and packed cartons to the delivery pallet, and assist in loading and securing them in awaiting delivery trucks.

• Ascertain that all paperwork is provided along with each outgoing shipment.

• Receive incoming shipments from the factory, and place all cartons and crates safely in their assigned areas.

• Inspect assigned warehouse areas, and inform managers of any low stock situation that may have prevailed.