Delivery Courier Resume Sample

Updated on: July 27, 2021

Technology is here to stay. Social networks are dramatically enlarging personal networks and it is no wonder that the demand for “better” employees is becoming higher and higher.

Since there are so many technological avenues that one can use to better one’s application documents, modern hiring managers want job seekers to give them the right resume and the right cover letter. No arguments here!

As a job seeker, you may be interested in the courier resume sample provided below that meets the needs of hiring managers of modern times:

Delivery Courier Resume Sample

Kevin Rivera
669 Willow Lane, Schurz, NV 69632
(000) 145-4544
rivkev @ email . com


Reliable and highly motivated delivery courier with exceptional talents in delivering a wide variety of items to different destinations by keeping accuracy and time-efficiency in check. Plans routes by using different means such as GPS and maps and checks items to be delivered to ensure that they meet delivery orders issued by the company. A meticulous individual who has a demonstrated ability to sort packages into dropping off orders and ensuring that they are properly secured prior to delivery.


Delivery Courier
Mar 2019 – Present
Key Achievements

• Pre-map 48 routes on the GPS, making the delivery to frequent clients easy and time-efficient.
• Implement a sorting order system that took active data into account and automatically sort items to be delivered first.
• Streamline the COD payment method, which increased company revenue by $5000 per month.
Key Responsibilities
• Confer with dispatchers to determine the quantity and type of packages to be delivered.
• Devise appropriate routes for each destination using conventional maps and GPS.
• Sort out packages according to priority or depending on the route.
• Load packages onto the delivery vehicle and drive the vehicle safely to various destinations.
• Verify client information such as name and ID before handing over packages to them.

Sep 2016 – Mar 2019
Key Achievements
• Suggested a safe way of transporting hazardous goods, resulting in a high commendation from the supervisor.
Key Responsibilities
• Determined quickest and safest routes to delivery addresses by using technology and conventional address-finding methods.
• Handled paperwork and delivery documents in order and up to date, by following the company’s documentation protocols.
• Performed regular and preventative maintenance on the delivery vehicle such as fluid levels management
• Took payments for cash on delivery (COD) items and issue receipts.
• Provided feedback to the company dock about delivered and undelivered items.

Delivery Driver
May 2012 – Sep 2016
Key Responsibilities
• Assisted in loading and unloading items to be delivered on the delivery vehicle
• Mapped quick and short ways of reaching delivery destinations on the GPS or on regular maps
• Drove delivery vehicle to destination in a safe manner and by following designated route
• Delivered items to clients after verifying their identities and obtained receipts
• Performed regular maintenance on assigned vehicles including checking fluid levels and tire pressure

High School Diploma
ST. ADAMS HIGH SCHOOL, Schurz, NV – 2000

• Hazardous Goods Handling
• Route Mapping
• Sorting Orders
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Payment Handling for COD
• Expense Tracking
• Mechanized Equipment Operations
• Safe Loading and Unloading