Warehouse Line Lead Job Description

Updated on: December 21, 2018

Position Overview

Warehouses are often large labyrinth-like places that cannot be run by a handful of people.

A warehouse hires many individuals from pickers and packers to supervisors and managers.

Between the two, there is space for line leads, who provide assistance in tracking a certain line of products and ensuring that they are properly channelized.

Confused about what line leads do?

Well, look at it this way. A warehouse may house more than one type of product.

For instance, Product A, Product B, and Product X. Now, for each of these product lines, a warehouse will need someone to take the lead.

Each line lead will make sure that all picking, packing, and shipping activities are properly coordinated for his or her product line only.

A line lead is important not only to lead the activities of a product line – he or she is also responsible for handling all warehouse workers working under them.

These people are in essence, managers of specific teams. They hire and train personnel and also make sure that all safety standards are put in place, and followed appropriately.

Mostly, a line lead also performs the same duties as that of a picker or packer, especially during times when the workload is high.

Here is a list of duties that a warehouse line lead is expected to perform on a typical day at work:

Warehouse Line Lead Job Description

• Lay the ground rules for safety within the designated perimeters of the product line, or physically allotted area

• Handle inventory management duties to ensure that stock within the designated line is available and ready for picking

• Create and maintain stock levels and provide feedback to supervisors regarding low stock issues

• Receive picking and packing orders and select the most appropriate warehouse worker to handle it

• Assist warehouse workers in locating, picking and packing items according to work orders

• Properly affix all tags and labels on packaged items and that all information on them is in accordance with the product and its specifications

• Oversee the packaging and delivery of packed products to the delivery pallet and create associated paperwork

• Ensure that all shipments are properly and carefully loaded onto the delivery truck – provide input in stacking items safely

• Supervise warehouse staff to ensure that all safety protocols are being taken into account when performing work duties

• Operate pallet jacks and forklifts to assist in transporting heavy or large items from storage areas to delivery pallets