General Warehouse Laborer Resume

Updated on: March 8, 2019

General Warehouse Laborer Resume Writing Tips

Writing a resume for a general warehouse laborer is not such a big deal unless you lack information.

Typically, a warehouse laborer will need to highlight his or her knowledge of picking and packing duties.

When writing a general warehouse laborer resume, make sure that you highlight your ability to handle warehouse computer and GPS systems.

Along with this, you should emphasize how well you can locate items without using technology.

In addition, your expertise in packing and shipping items must be highlighted in the resume.

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General Warehouse Laborer Resume Sample


Marian Stanly
5200 Cooper Avenue, Cleveland, OH 54796
(000) 999-9999


• Over 8 years of experience in efficiently picking and packing items in the busy warehouse settings.
• Introduced the concept of RTL systems, as a result, reduced picking time by 80%.
• Implemented a quality control system, hence, increased packing quality by 65%.
• Devised a unique was to document shipments, explicitly streamlining record-keeping.
• Trained 50 apprentices in handling warehouse duties as part of their induction.


RTL Systems Use

Manual Tracking




Inventory Management

Stock Transactions Recording

Order Processing


Quality Control

Loading and Unloading

Logs Maintenance


General Warehouse Laborer
Growmark, Cleveland, OH | 2014 – Present
• Look through and understand work orders for item picking.
• Create plans in order to reduce picking time.
• Choose the right type of picking methods such as by hand, or using RTL.
• Locate items within the warehouse.
• Inspect located items in order to ensure conformity.
• Transport picked items to packing areas.
• Choose the right type of packing for each item.
• Line cartons and crates in order to keep items safe.
• Ensure that items are properly packed and sealed.
• Seal cartons using glue or nail.
• Affix labels with information such as weight and expiry dates.
• Transport packed items to the delivery pallet.
• Load items onto trucks and ensure that they are safely secured.
• Ensure that documentation is provided to the driver.
• Clean and maintain assigned warehouse areas.

Warehouse Laborer
Commodities Inc., Cleveland, OH | 2011 – 2014
• Swept and mopped assigned areas within the warehouse.
• Assisted in loading items on delivery trucks.
• Packed items in crates and ensured that they were properly sealed.
• Performed preventative maintenance on forklifts and pallet jacks.
• Checked inventory in order to determine stock levels.

Cleveland High School, Cleveland, OH 
Graduated in 2011

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