Warehouse Associate Job Description

Updated on: August 14, 2018

Warehouse associates work in warehouse settings where they are responsible for implementing strategic decisions that govern the need for space apart from loading and unloading freight and providing direct customer services.

This position requires an individual to be extremely dexterous where physical and mental work is concerned as warehouse associates may be required to operate forklifts and perform necessary mathematical calculations.

Working in a warehouse is not an easy job. You might often work in challenging situations and extreme temperatures.

There are mainly four tasks of a warehouse associate’s position; shipping, packing, receiving and production handling.

Some of the most critical job duties of a warehouse associate are given here which can be effectively utilized while writing a Warehouse Associate Resume.


Warehouse Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Pull, pack and ship orders in an accurate manner.

• Organize stocks and maintain inventories.

• Deliver orders to customers in a real-time environment.

• Inspect goods for defects and damages and scrutinize defected products accordingly.

• Track inventory in the appropriate system.

• Organize space in the warehouse and perform cleaning duties.

• Notify supervisors of problems that are not resolvable.

• Resolve all other issues at the warehouse level.

• Check spools on work orders.

• Restock materials as and when required.

• Process and package goods in a time efficient manner.

The duties listed above are just some of the tasks that a warehouse associate performs each day. An actual job description of a person working in this position depends on the setting and the industry and employer that he or she is working for. Warehouse associates need to be very well organized so they can perform their duties in an organized and orderly manner.