Kitchen Steward Resume Sample

Updated on: July 27, 2021

When you write a resume for a kitchen steward position, look for ways to make it appealing by adding keywords to its content. Here is a resume sample to help you:

Sample Resume for Kitchen Steward Position

Ralph Mills
9600 Black Locust Avenue, Bluff, UT 88954
(000) 121-4343
ralphmills @ email . com


• Customer service-oriented Kitchen Steward with 11 years’ extensive experience in ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance needs of large kitchens, aimed at keeping their operations and in accordance with sanitation standards.
• Competent at maintaining and monitoring inventories of supplies to ensure consistency of supplies.
• Proven record of efficiently handling deliveries by ensuring that appropriate receipts have been received and that storage area are arranged in a timely manner.

• Inventory Control
• Staff Training
• Waste Disposal
• Storage Arrangements
• Kitchen Maintenance
• Recycling
• Stock Levels Maintenance 


Kitchen Steward
Destination Hotels and Resorts, Bluff, UT
Dec 2012 – Present
Key Achievements
• Decreased kitchen wastage by 50% by suggesting that extra food should be collected and given to a local meal house.
• Reorganized the inventory system by introducing a system that rang alarms when stock levels went low.
Key Responsibilities
• Determine the cleaning and maintenance needs of the kitchen and surrounding areas and create plans to meet them.
• Instruct cleaning staff to perform sweeping and mopping activities in designated areas.
• Coordinate the activities of cleaning staff to ensure that all areas are covered.
• Assist in cleaning and sanitizing surfaces such as floors and counters by following designated health and safety rules.
• Provide assistance in performing preventative and general maintenance on kitchen equipment such as oven, fryers, and grills.

Kitchen Steward
Some Company, Bluff, UT
Mar 2008 – Dec 2012
Key Achievements

• Provided heavy custodial service for a large event, consisting of 785 participants.
• Introduced the concept of “green waste disposal” by implementing measures to ensure that garbage disposal was safely handled.
Key Responsibilities
• Supervised kitchen employees who were not directly involved in food preparation and cooking.
• Hired and trained custodial staff to meet the varied needs of the kitchen area.
• Maintained inventories of supplies and kitchenware to account for all items and ensure consistent supply.
• Evaluated the work of kitchen custodial staff and provide suggestions for improvements.
• Handled interviewing, training, and staff scheduling duties to ensure that custodial staff members are always available for work.

River City Casino, Bluff, UT
Feb 2005 – Mar 2008
Key Responsibilities
• Cleaned floors and surfaces by performing sweeping, mopping, and wiping activities.
• Replenished supplies in kitchen areas and restrooms and ensured that waste was properly disposed of.
• Washed down windows and vacuumed and shampooed carpets, along with ensuring that all surfaces are properly disinfected.
• Assisted in performing maintenance work on kitchen equipment such as hot plates, microwaves, ovens, and burners.
• Sorted and removed trash to ensure that recyclable materials were properly handled and assisted with stocking supplies in storage areas.

Specialized courses in Cleaning and Sanitation

Diploma: St. Adam’s High School, Bluff, UT – 2002