Top 10 Teacher Assistant Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: October 5, 2020
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How many times have we heard people say that the quality of education develops the overall personality of an individual? Many times! Much is dependent on the education we have received – our outlook on life; our choices in life and of course our personal and professional success.

Each one of us has one teacher to whom we attribute the success of our lives – this is how important teachers are. Teacher assistants are also vital as they assist lead teachers in doing what they need to do for students.

Teacher assistants are hired to support lead teachers in managing a classroom in terms of imparting education and handling behavior. They also assist students with their class assignments and handle behavioral issues as well.

The work of a teacher assistant cannot be undermined as he or she is invaluable when it comes to imparting education. This is especially true in preschools where little children are difficult to handle and need a lot of attention.

While some teacher assistants are hired at the entry-level, many employers prefer to hire people with some experience, especially in a preschool environment.

Contrary to what people think, preschoolers are much more difficult to handle than junior school students. When applying for a position as a teacher assistant, make sure that you write your related achievements and accomplishments in your resume.

This information can do wonders for your chances to be hired as a teacher assistant. You may take some ideas from the list of accomplishments for this position given below.

Sample Achievements for Teacher Assistant Resume

  1. Independently created and implemented the summer school curriculum for preschoolers in the absence of the lead teacher.
  2. Highly commended for successfully handling a class of special children during the teacher turnover phase.
  3. Offered a professional teacher training following excellence in providing support services to lead teacher for three years.
  4. Handled three students’ behavioral problems successfully by providing individual counseling services after school.
  5. Planned and executed lessons for grades 1 and 2 during the absence of a lead teacher.
  6. Integrated a complex recreational program into the current academic program in order to provide an educational variety.
  7. Increased student interest in after-school activities by employing marketing methods aimed at their physical and mental needs.
  8. Improved ties with neighborhood school by suggesting and carrying out friendly sports activities on a biannual basis.
  9. Received Teacher Assistant of the Quarter Award following excellence in assisting lead teachers in a productive and professional manner.
  10. Wrote a piece on preschool education benefits which was published in Our Children Weekly.


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