Thank You Letter after Interview for Child Caregiver

Updated: August 4, 2020

For decades, there has been a debate on whether or not thank you letters after a child caregiver interview are essential.

Some people argue that a thank you letter may be overkill – others think it is necessary to thank the person who has interviewed you as a form of courtesy.

In actuality, a thank you letter can be quite helpful as it is not only a business norm to write one, but it also serves as a reminder to the employer of who you are.

Look at it this way; if you have just been interviewed for the position of a child caregiver, you must show your sensitive side by contacting a potential employer and thanking her.

This will reiterate the fact that you are interested in the job and possess good manners – a quality that the employer will want in her child.

Thank You Letter after Interview for Child Caregiver

Carrie Jones
184 Lemmon Drive
Reno, NV 76522
(010) 333-6336
[email protected]

August 4, 2020

Mrs. Helen Mirren
673 Dillon Way
Reno, NV 55632

Dear Mrs. Mirren:

Thank you for taking out the time to interviewing me and discussing your expectations in hiring a child caregiver for your daughter. It was a pleasure to meet an extremely well-mannered family and a five-year-old, and I look forward to spending time with her.

As I mentioned during the interview, I will be moving to Reno at the end of this week, and I am looking to secure employment in an arena that I am the best at, i.e., child caregiving. I have worked as a child caregiver for 6 years, and I am moving now only because my wards are all grown up and are going to boarding school now. My relationship with my wards has always been like a parent-child than that of a conventional caregiver.

During my career, I have had the opportunity to look after newborns and toddlers which have prepared me well to handle them in the way that a parent would. I am incredibly expert in changing diapers or making age-appropriate food. You can rest assured that I am well prepared for emergencies owing to training in both CPR and First Aid.

You are welcome to verify all this information from my references. Please feel free to call me if you need any further information from me.


Carrie Jones

Enc. Resume

Note: Enclose a copy of your resume with thank you letter.

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