5th Grade Teacher Job Description for Resume

Updated: June 11, 2019

Position Overview

Elementary school teachers need to be able to design appropriate curriculum and impart lesson plans intending to enforcing learning and personal growth.

For instance, a 5th-grade teacher will be required to motivate students to develop skills and attitudes that will eventually prove favorable for when they reach a middle school program.



The primary responsibility of a 5th-grade teacher is to establishing lesson plans in accord with each student’s ability.

Once this is in order, the teacher must teach a variety of subjects, including language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science.

At this level, one teacher is usually required to teach all subjects to a class, which is why she needs to possess in-depth knowledge of all.




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Sample Job Description for 5th Grade Teacher Resume

• Create, develop and implement core elementary school curriculum

• Develop lesson plans and impart education based on individual students’ abilities

• Assign homework and classwork to students and assist them with queries

• Provide special attention to students who may not be able to handle complex questions

• Teach a variety of subjects including language arts, social studies, art, science, and mathematics

• Develop learning aids and materials for the purpose of teaching concepts in class

• Use a wide array of instructional strategies such as lectures, group discussions, and inquiry to facilitate understanding

• Ensure that each lesson plan is translated into learning experiences so that instruction time is used effectively

• Establish and maintain standards of student behavior and ensure that it is adhered to

• Create productive environment for students by employing learning tactic through functional and attractive classroom displays

• Supervise students during classes to ensure that they are working properly

• Oversee outdoor activities to ensure the safety of students

• Celebrate student work by displaying it on bulletin boards with a view to encourage them

• Ensure that teaching methods are adapted to the varying needs of individual students

• Work with teaching aides to develop and impart interactive classroom activities

• Grade classwork and homework on a regular basis

• Prepare and administer the test to evaluate students’ understanding of concepts introduced in class

• Observe students for behavioral changes and report any conclusive observations to the school administration

• Evaluate student progress periodically and prepare reports

• Confer with parents and guardians to provide them feedback on students’ progress and limitations

• Maintain accurate student records

• Prepare students for subsequent grades by encouraging them to participate in “discovery” projects

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