Teacher Assistant Introduction Letter to Parents

Updated on: June 12, 2022

A new teacher assistant is always a cause for concern for parents because they are concerned about their child’s comfort within the classroom to perform well during the academic year.

In events like these, school offices often write a letter to parents explaining the need for a change of this sort and to introduce the new teacher.

While lead teachers are considered important, it is actually teacher assistants who are closer to students.

If one leaves and the next one is about to join, it is the school’s responsibility to introduce her to the parents through a letter.

Some schools deem it okay to let a teacher or teacher assistant introduce herself – but mostly, it is the school administrator who does the introduction.

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If you are in a position where you have been asked to write an introduction letter for a newly stationed teacher assistant, you might be interested in the following sample:

Teacher Assistant Introduction Letter to Parents

June 12, 2022

Dear Parents:

As you are aware of the school’s policies, we perform Teacher Assistant rotation activities every term to make sure that your child gets the best through different TAs’ experiences. That is to say, Ms. Dana Webber has been assigned to your child’s class as the new teacher assistant for this term. She will be working under the supervision of Ms. Rachel Welsh, your child’s lead teacher this academic year.

Ms. Webber is an experienced teaching assistant who has been working for St. Noah’s Elementary School for 2 years now. We feel that her experience, positive outlook, and gentle manner will suit Grade 3’s academic environment. She has accomplished much with students with special needs, by working on a one-on-one basis and has been commended by many parents.

Possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, along with a Teacher Training Certificate from St. James Academy, Ms. Webber is quite well-versed in handling classroom behavioral issues and assisting in providing impartial instruction to her students. We are confident that she will be able to work well with your child and will bring out the best in him/her, both academically and personally.

If you have any questions that need immediate answers, please feel free to contact our school office between 8 am and 2 pm.

Thank you,


Martha Opple
School Administrator
St. Noah’s Elementary School
78 N Blauvelt Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 10938
Tel: (111) 111 – 1111

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