Telemarketer Job Description Sample

Updated on: February 20, 2021
Telemarketer Job Description

A telemarketer’s position is purely sales-oriented. These professionals are hired for the sole purpose of calling potential customers and informing them of a product, its features, and prices, and soliciting sales.

Some telemarketers are also required to handle existing customers by calling them over the telephone and providing them with information on new product features or services.

Most telemarketers are provided with a quota that they need to fulfill based on which they receive rewards.

As a commission-based job, this can be quite lucrative – more telephone calls mean greater chances of sales and corresponding commissions.

Working in this profession can be quite taxing as well; staying on the phone all day can be physically and mentally draining. However, many people like working in this fast-paced environment and enjoy the challenges that it poses.

As a telemarketer, there are some rules that one has to follow. You cannot give in to temper tantrums even if you encounter an irate customer and you have to meet targets even if it means going the extra mile. 

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Telemarketer Duties and Responsibilities

• Make calls to potential customers and ask if they have time to talk to you

• Introduce yourself and your company

• Provide information about the product that you are endorsing

• Elaborate on the features of the product or service being endorsed

• Ask pertinent questions regarding customers’ interest in a product or service

• Inquire from customers and record information regarding a similar brand that they may be using

• Punch in relevant customer information in the company database

• Set appointments with potential customers for a member of the sales staff to visit them

• Maintain a company set average calls per day

• Ensure that DND (Do Not Disturb) list is respected at all costs

• Convince customers to buy products by following a prepared script

• Answer to any questions put forward by customers

• Maintain and update appropriate product knowledge

• Ensure that the customer is being provided with correct information

• Involve supervisor in case of a difficult question put forth by the customer

• Take limited incoming calls and provide callers with the required information

• Handle complaints by ensuring excellent on-call service

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