Kindergarten teaching is a very rewarding job and teachers witness the miracle of learning every day. Contributing to the profession in its self is a big accomplishment.

There is a lot of advice spinning around these days about adding accomplishments to your resume for kindergarten teaching position. Kindergarten teachers generally have so much to write in the responsibilities section that they get really short of space by the time they reach the accomplishments section. If you are facing similar issues or simply can’t think of an accomplishment to decorate your resume, you will definitely find this post helpful.

The solution to this problem lies in the art of turning your duties into accomplishments. It’s simple really, since every duty you fulfill can be stated as an accomplishment. All you need is the right pool of action vocabulary. You must broaden your focus and view your duties from the recipient’s angle. What difference is that duty making for the institute or the kids you are teaching? Viewing the routine tasks you do with an outsider’s approach will help you see the achievement element in it.

You can come up with accomplishments of your own by following these easy steps:

➜ Make a list of your responsibilities

➜ Shortlist the ones you think have greater benefits for the institution or the ones that directly affect the students by positively contributing in their learning experience

➜ Rephrase the shortlisted duties by adding some value to them to turn them into accomplishments

➜ Add some strong action words to make the sentences powerful and enhance the impact

Following are some accomplishments of a Kindergarten teacher for resume along with some basic steps to take in order to come up with impressive accomplishments.

Sample Accomplishments for Kindergarten Teacher Resume

• Designed and prepared innovative theatre based on puppetry to spread awareness against global warming and its causes at the annual Earth day 2013.

• Suggested and implemented paper money role plays in classroom to reinforce concept of addition and subtraction effectively.

• Initiated one to one sessions with slow learners and made a difference in the lives of 12 children who have now overcome their learning issues.

• Evaluated, assessed and referred two children with learning disorders who are now undergoing treatment and devised teaching strategies to cater for their special needs.

• Conceived, designed and created digital thematic audio visual aids covering the whole curriculum, which are till date in use at the campus.

• Implemented the Reggio Emilia approach in its true sense and re structured the whole classroom to suit the purpose, resulting in an overall 20% improvement in the kid’s learning.

• Raised $50,000 on the school’s behalf by arranging a well organized charity show involving a display of performing arts by young kids.

Best of Luck!