5th Grade Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: September 8, 2018

Preschool and elementary life is a crucial stage for all children. This is the main reason that educational institutes concentrate on teacher training for their teachers. A 5th-grade teacher has a lot on her job description and much to accomplish for children in a very short span of time.

A 5th-grade teacher will need to develop and implement an educational program that caters to 5th graders’ educational, social, emotional and physical needs. This is not an easy job as not all students in a class can learn at the same pace but the challenges that this work poses is what makes it interesting.

If you are ready to take up this challenge, you may want to review your resume and modify it according to the demands of this position. Here is a resume sample that can help you do this!


5th Grade Teacher Resume Sample


Sheryl Thomas

763 Greet Street, Jersey City, NJ 73333
(000) 999-9999


Desire a 5th Grade Teacher position with Bluebells Middle School. Offering expertise in designing and implementing a student-friendly curriculum that caters to the educational and emotional needs of 5th graders

• Almost a decade of experience working in an elementary setting
• In-depth knowledge of creating, designing and implementing classroom instructional plans that cater to individual student’s need
• Hands on experience in planning lessons and translating them into learning experienced
• Capable of using a variety of instructional strategies and managing classroom behavior

• Excellent ability to impart instruction
• Exceptional communication skills
• Able to run a flexible and tight classroom management dependent on the occasion
• Proficient in infusing technology into the curriculum


Lead Teacher
The Early Years – Jersey City, NJ       2009 – Present
• Plan and prepare lesson materials and assignments
• Create an interactive learning environment for students
• Maintain classroom behavior and evaluate student performance
• Manage group discussions and circle time
• Maintain appropriate student records
• Maintain liaison with parents to relay student performance information

Key Achievements
• Developed the entire curriculum for the Middle Years Program by working on modules dependant on individual students
• Promoted from assistant teacher to lead teacher within five months of on the job training

Assistant Teacher
The Early Years – Jersey City, NJ           2004 – 2009
• Assisted lead teacher in classroom instruction and lesson plan development
• Helped lead teacher in curriculum development and classroom management
• Manage student behavior and assist in student evaluations
• Manage classroom activities in the absence of the lead teacher

New Jersey University of Arts – Jersey City, NJ
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Majors: Primary Education