History Teacher Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: November 21, 2020
History Teacher Job Description

History teachers build up students’ knowledge of historical concepts and events within their country and globally as well. They instruct students about national, local, state, and global history by creating interesting lessons based on a well-balanced curriculum.

Once they have created lesson plans, it is up to them to ensure that lessons are imparted interestingly so that students grasp the concepts. 

Since there are a lot of dates involved in teaching history, teachers often work closely with students to determine how to remember them and recall them during assessments or exam time.

Every teacher, no matter which subject she teaches, has a few duties in common. History teachers also need to make sure that they run a classroom properly by ensuring appropriate student behavior.

They oversee students and ensure that they are doing their assignments properly and assist them with understanding difficult concepts. History teachers are often helped by teacher aides who provide them with additional teaching materials and research support.

Here is a list of typical duties and tasks of a history teacher:

History Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare curriculum based on teaching concepts related to local, state, national, and global history.
  • Design and implement lesson plans based on the curriculum and the individual learning needs of a diverse set of students.
  • Discuss prominent historical figures, dates, and events with students and ensure that they understand circumstances without the propaganda attached to them.
  • Create instructional resources on history lessons and ensure that students understand the motivation behind events.
  • Plan instructional activities along with assigned teacher assistants and ensure that appropriate aiding materials are available for the class.
  • Monitor students to ensure that their concepts are clear and assist individual students that may have trouble understanding them.
  • Observe students and report any learning difficulties or limitations to parents/school administration immediately.
  • Administer history tests and give out assignments and check both according to specific marking directives.
  • Encourage students to look at multiple viewpoints and make their judgments about the motivations behind historical events.
  • Assist students in comprehending the significance of social and political issues.
  • Design lesson presentations and encourage students to take an active part in discussions.
  • Maintain student records and attendance information and ensure the overall wellbeing of students by providing them with a safe environment to thrive in.
History Teacher Position Requirements

To work as a history teacher, you have to have a master’s degree in history or social sciences.

Since history cannot be taught on their own, some knowledge of economics is also essential, which is why schools prefer to hire teachers who have this background.


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