High School History Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: April 10, 2022

High School History Teacher resumes are not what they used to be.

Things have changed with technology and competition. which makes things difficult for applicants.

Take a look at the following example in order to get ideas on writing your resume.

Also, don’t forget to see this history teacher cover letter in order to make a complete job application set.

High School History Teacher Resume Sample

Karen David
478 County Road
Mondovi, WI 36291
(000) 451-5241
karen @ email . com


Well-informed and highly effective teaching professional with extensive experience in imparting instruction by following a specific high school history curriculum. Self-directed, resourceful; enthusiastic to bring a strong passion for history to create a fun yet knowledgeable environment for students.

• Skilled in the design of innovative and hands-on classroom instruction that builds upon national, state, and global historical events.
• Demonstrated expertise in motivating students to move beyond rote memorization by building upon lessons learned in earlier classes.
• Documented success in assisting students in handling the critical analysis of historical events.
• Well-versed in assessing student performance and designing remedial programs.

• Curriculum development
• Facts interpretation
• Teaching methodologies
• Behavior management
• Conflict resolution
• Research
• Lecture enhancement
• Disciplinary procedures 

• Designed and implemented a new high school history curriculum, which incorporated global history and international relations into one solid program.
• Incorporated current events into the existing history curriculum and executed it without any hitches.
• Achieved 99% A grade results of high school students between the years 2019 and 2021
• Introduced the “group discussion” concept which brought about an 80% increase in student efficiency.


History Teacher
Amphitheater High School, Mondovi, WI
• Design, develop and implement a history curriculum catering to the specific learning needs of 20+ high school students
• Create correlating history lessons and impart them in a fun and informative manner
• Ensure that each student understands concepts, dates, and circumstances of historical events
• Assist students on a one-on-one basis to understand historical concepts and events
• Engage students in interactive dialogue and encourage them to take part in special projects
• Inspire students’ intellectual curiosity through rigorous lessons
• Observe students and determine how well they are performing and provide extra help to students understand and appreciate historical events
• Perform research work to obtain as much reference material as possible for the purpose of class instruction
• Oversee students during assignment time and projects
• Assess students to determine their interests, create reports and confer with parents to inform them about their children’s performance

Teaching Aide
Waltham High School, Mondovi, WI
• Assisted lead teacher in imparting history lessons 
• Researched appropriate learning materials and gathered resources
• Observed students to determine their interest or lack thereof and reported findings to the lead teacher
• Assisted in marking assignments and grading exam papers
• Handled student behavior within classrooms and during extracurricular activities
• Provided logistical support in creating exam reports

Bachelor’s Degree in History
STATE UNIVERSITY, Mondovi, WI – 2011