Computer Technician Summary Examples for Resume

Updated on April 18, 2019

Solid communication is what job application documents are all about.

If you can successfully communicate how well rounded you are for a computer technician job, you probably have the job the as well.



As computer technician resumes are usually written before cover letters are and the first part of a resume i.e. the professional summary is extremely important.

Summaries must be strong as they have a purpose – and that is to give an overview of what the candidate is all about.



What information does a computer technician summary contain?

A professional summary is all about you. Your skills, your qualifications, and your abilities. Basically, you are summing up all that you can do for an employer in three or four sentences.

Where is a summary placed on a resume?

To answer the latter question, a professional summary is placed at the beginning of the resume. This is where your resume starts. 

Looking for examples?

Here are a few examples of professional summaries for a computer tech position:

Computer Technician Resume Summary Examples

• Highly innovative, creative and self-motivated individual who has 5+ years’ experience in managing both hardware and software issues on standalone computers and laptops, along with extensive knowledge of setting up and configuring networks.

• Accomplished team leader with a proven track record of analyzing and resolving complex technical problems. Demonstrated strong network administration skills with exceptional know-how of troubleshooting and handling Internet security.

• Highly-technical, self-motivated professional with a broad range of experience in providing technical support to computer end users. Known for troubleshooting complex hardware and software problems. Well versed in installing operating systems and peripheral components. Demonstrated ability to read and review technical manuals to handle the problem efficiently.

• Top performing computer technician with 2+ years’ hands-on experience in installing software and hardware components and ensuring exceptionally well-placed data security measures. Special talent for troubleshooting and providing phone/email support to users facing equipment problems and issues.


Entry Level Computer Technician Resume Summary No Experience

• Meticulous computer technician with exceptional ability to offer quality technical support. Knowledge of installing hardware and software, handling troubleshooting duties and configuring computer networks.

• Results-driven computer technician who strives to achieve a high standard of quality through the provision of excellent technical support. A highly-organized individual who has a demonstrated ability to repair failed equipment according to established procedures. Knowledge of resolving hardware and software issues within the time schedule.

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