Sample Middle School Math Teacher Job Description

Updated on: December 23, 2019

All teachers working in a middle school perform overlapping duties.

Apart from the specific subject that they are teaching, they usually perform the same duties, such as curriculum development and lesson planning. However, there are a few positions that need technical expertise – like that of a mathematics teacher.


Middle school math teachers need to possess a master’s degree in mathematics if they want to be eligible for this position.

Skills and Knowledge

Complete knowledge of mathematical concepts and their implementation is very important for people working in this position. Math teachers need to be able to edict knowledge in a way that their students want to understand complex mathematical problems.

Working as a math teacher in a middle school means that you will be responsible for handling a class full of young adults. This means that your people skills need to be impeccable, and you need to be a great leader and mentor.

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On a typical day at work, you will be performing some or all of the following duties:

Middle School Math Teacher Job Description Sample

• Understand the school’s and state’s requirements to teach mathematics to middle school students and create the corresponding curriculum

• Work with school management to chart out lesson plan requirements and prepare core lesson plans on a weekly or monthly basis

• Modify teaching plans according to the varying needs of students

• Impart math lessons, keeping in mind the individual learning paces of students

• Assist students in understanding mathematical concepts and applying them in actuality

• Assess students by observing them closely and provide special attention to students struggling with mathematics concepts

• Prepare and administer math tests and assignments and grade papers according to each student’s conception

• Create reports to chart out students’ progress and communicate their achievements and limitations to parents

• Provide parents with information on how to help their children achieve higher results

• Work with teacher assistants to handler research work to create teaching aides

• Observe students for behavioral problems and ensure that any behavioral issues are quickly and tactfully addressed to

• Assist students in creating projects to help them understand difficult concepts

• Develop key incentives to ensure students’ participation in class