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Dance Teacher Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Dance Teacher Job Description A career as a dance teacher offers a blend of artistic expression and educational engagement. Working in various settings, from schools to dedicated dance institutions, dance teachers spread the passion for dance while instilling technique and confidence in their students. With positions filled by individuals from high school graduate level onwards,… Read More »

Adjunct Professor Job Description for Resume

Adjunct Professor Position Overview Adjunct professors are best described as teaching professionals who are hired by colleges and universities on a temporary or per-project basis. These individuals possess deep awareness of their respective subjects and are required to impart education to their students, based on their own experiences. Typically, adjunct professors are highly paid individuals… Read More »

History Teacher Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

History Teacher Job Description History teachers build up students’ knowledge of historical concepts and events within their country and globally as well. They instruct students about national, local, state, and global history by creating interesting lessons based on a well-balanced curriculum. Once they have created lesson plans, it is up to them to ensure that… Read More »

5th Grade Teacher Achievements and Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Elementary school teachers need to be able to design appropriate curricula and impart lesson plans intending to enforce learning and personal growth. For instance, a 5th-grade teacher will be required to motivate students to develop skills and attitudes that will eventually prove favorable for when they reach a middle school program. The primary… Read More »

Teacher Job Description and Duties for Resume

Teacher Job Description A teacher is an educator, caregiver, and mentor all rolled in one. Teachers handle instructional activities in an academic setting. They are required to perform many duties such as developing curriculum, planning lessons, imparting instruction, and handling student behavior. Teachers are also responsible for handling outdoor activities such as sports and recreation… Read More »

Toddler Teacher Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Toddler Teacher Job Description Toddler teaching is an interactive position wherein the candidate is required to engage in constant grooming activities with toddlers, typically between ages 1 and three years. They are responsible for handling a small group of toddlers, grooming them socially, and educating them while following a pre-designed curriculum. They integrate fun activities… Read More »