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Dance Teacher Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Dance Teacher Job Description A dance teacher may be hired in different circumstances, depending on the specific needs of the employer. Usually, dance teachers are hired by schools to give dance lessons to students, as part of an extracurricular activity. However, there are dedicated dance institutes out there that provide the same services and hire… Read More »

3rd Grade Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

3rd Grade Teacher Job Description There is a lot more to teaching than mere instruction. This is especially true where elementary school teachers are concerned, as they have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. The first and foremost responsibility of a 3rd grade teacher is to create a developmentally appropriate curriculum for 3rd graders.… Read More »

History Teacher Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

History Teacher Job Description History teachers build up students’ knowledge of historical concepts and events within their country and globally as well. They instruct students about national, local, state, and global history by creating interesting lessons based on a well-balanced curriculum. Once they have created lesson plans, it is up to them to ensure that… Read More »

Toddler Teacher Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Toddler Teacher Job Description Toddler teaching is an interactive position wherein the candidate is required to engage in constant grooming activities with toddlers, typically between ages 1 and three years. They are responsible for handling a small group of toddlers, grooming them socially, and educating them while following a pre-designed curriculum. They integrate fun activities… Read More »

Infant Teacher Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Infant Teacher Job Description One of the most demanding yet rewarding jobs in the world is to grow-up children in any capacity. An infant teacher plays such an important role in the physical, social, and language development of infants. As part of an infant’s early learning procedure, an infant teacher provides not only instructional support… Read More »