History Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on June 21, 2015

History Teacher cover letters are an impression-making gimmick. A good cover letter will tell the prospective employer that you have done your homework, that you have studied the job application and are ready to do the work.

You must study the job advertisement well, identify exactly what the hiring manager needs, and write your cover letter to make sure you cover those needs. A cover letter tells the prospective employer that you will take care of the job’s future needs. And it is much more important to tell the employer that you can handle future growth and crises, than it is to tell him what you’ve done in the past for some other employer – which is why the cover letter covers the resume and not the other way around!

A cover letter for history teacher position will also show how suited you are to the job. Are you results-driven, are you a people person? Are you cooperative both in terms of authority and peers? Are you open to new ideas? These are called employer-pleasing qualities. Prospective employers like to hire people who have them – they need to know that the new employee will fit in the company and work in sync with its vision.

For a history teacher, the primary aim is to show that he or she will provide a comfortable environment for students in which they can learn with ease.


History Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Jack Cross
65 Hamilton Street
Greer, SC 97410
(000) 102-8888
Jack @ email . com

June 21, 2015

Mr. Mark Hamilton
River Road High School
431 Aster Road
Greer, SC 99902


Dear Mr. Hamilton:

Being an energetic and experienced history teacher, it has always been my overall objective to nurture young minds by helping them understand the linkages in history, as well as cause and effect and hence the lessons we learn, or should learn, from the past.

I provide a learning environment for my students in which they can enjoy acquiring knowledge, as can be seen by the fact that a large number of students I have taught, take up history as a major in college! My expertise lies in teaching students in a clear manner to attain academic achievement. I have a special talent for building effective lesson plans that resulted in higher-order thinking skills.

Some highlights of my skills:

• Modifying methods of teaching to meet the needs of students with different academic strengths and weaknesses
• Participating in professional development and working with school leaders to improve instruction
• Teaching in a clear and effective manner with special focus on meeting each individual student’s varying learning needs

If you feel that because of my professionalism and dedication to teaching I am the person you are looking for, I would like to meet with you. I will call you next Tuesday to see when it is convenient for you to meet. Meanwhile, I can be reached at (000) 102-888.



Jack Cross

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