Letter of Intent for a Retail Sales Position

Updated on: April 18, 2019

If you are interested in working for a retail chain that has not advertised any vacancies. But you still want to try your luck by exploring if they might have one that they have kept for hiring internally, or they might consider making a place for you.

For either of these, your professional standing has to be exceptional. And you will have to show your interest through a cover letter – of sorts! A cover letter written for this situation is referred to as a letter of intent.


Enticing the reader’s is the main purpose of a retail letter of intent.

Since the employer is not actively looking to hire anyone, it might take a little more than a standardly written letter.

You will need to use power verbs that describe you and expand on how you can use your abilities to contribute to the organization.


Getting the reader’s attention and engaging him in reading further is the prime reason letters of intent are written.

Remember that you do not have the benefit of an advertised job, looking through which you can write your letter. Your best bet is to start off your letter with a wow opener – something that will get the reader to sit up in his chair and itch to meet you.

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Here is a letter of intent for a retail sales position that you can use:


Letter of Intent for a Retail Sales Position


Jon Donovan
232 Maple Street
Hialeah, FL 20201
(000) 999-0909
Jon @ email . com

April 18, 2019

Mr. Justin Webber
Manager Human Resource
367 W 1st Avenue
Hialeah, FL 28463


Dear Mr. Webber:

I am writing to inquire about a potential retail sales representative position at K-Mart. I understand that a recent posting for a similar position has just closed and I regret not being able to meet the application deadline. In anticipation that all positions have not yet been filled, I am positive that my resume (enclosed) will be of interest to you.

Having been employed at Macy’s in a retail sales representative position for 3 years, I have the necessary experience that you would want in an individual working at this position. Please refer to the following skills that I can offer:

  • Demonstrated ability to execute visual and marketing directives to company standards and handling periodical promotions effectively.
  • Well-versed in growing base sales through maximizing distribution and share of shelf activities.
  • Comprehensive know-how of promoting and fostering a collaborative teamwork-based culture to support market share.
  • Documented success in meeting both company and personal sales goals with a 100% realization rate over the previous 5 years.

I thrive in an atmosphere of challenge and excitement which is why I believe that K-Mart will benefit much from my expertise and experience.

I will follow-up next week to determine if you have an open slot in which you can fit in a meeting with me. Alternately, you can contact me at (444) 444-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



[Sign Here]

Jon Donovan

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