Top 10 History Teacher Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: September 30, 2020
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Finding the right candidate to fit a history teacher job description is not easy for recruiters. Why not make it easier for them by writing an attractive objective statement? Yes, as a history teaching, you can do this by simply providing an attractive career objective on your resume.

A history teacher objective statement should:

  1. Be crystal clear about your career direction.
  2. Position you as someone who is capable of doing exactly as the employer wants.
  3. Be tailored to fit the job description of the position in question.


Let us give you 10 examples of perfect career objectives for a history teacher resume:

Best 10 Sample Objectives for History Teacher Resume

1. Uniquely qualified educationalist looking for a position as a History Teacher at Vance Country School to provide class instruction that builds on local, state, national, and global history concepts. Bilingual: English/Spanish

2. Seeking a History Teacher position at East Hollywood High School to create, design, and implement a core history curriculum for high school students using my 10+ years of history teaching experience.

3. Strong desire to contribute to ABC School New Jersey in the capacity of a History Teacher. Leveraging a unique ability to separate historical facts from fallacies to incorporate them in well-designed history lessons.

4. To obtain employment as a History Teacher at Perspective Charter School. Employing expertise in formulating a history curriculum and correlating lesson plans to suit the individual needs of students.

5. To work as a History Teacher for Roger Bacon Academy. Enthusiastic about imparting knowledge using instructional resources to teach students about essential figures and historical dates and events that shaped the world.

6. Looking for a History Teacher position at Republic Schools. Using modern tools and teaching methods to assist students in understanding historical concepts and motivation behind past events.

7. To obtain a position as a History Teacher at XYZ School utilizing strong dedication to encourage creativity in a way that increases student performance.

8. To obtain a challenging position in history teaching that will allow me to use my strong passion for student development.

9. Top-performing History Teacher eager to work for ABC School using skills and experience in history teaching to enlighten young minds.

10. To contribute to XYZ School in the role of a History Teacher. Offers hands-on teaching experience, lesson impartation abilities, and student developmental skills.