Thank You Follow Up Letter after RN Interview

Updated on: April 11, 2022

Being done with an interview for the Registered Nurse position is not really being done at all.

There is one more step that you need to take before you can sit back and wait. And that step is to write a thank-you follow-up letter.

Prospective employers that receive thank you or follow-up letters are provided with a chance to check out the applicant’s merits again.

Since these letters are designed to give employers a glimpse of what the candidate can do for them once again, they serve as well as cover letters do – sometimes even better.

And there really is no harm in writing a thank you or a follow-up letter.

The contents of a letter of this type are:

• Reference to the RN interview, preferably with a date or day
• Reiteration of skills to do the nursing job
• Saying thank you for the employer’s time in interviewing you

Put all these in a letter and you have yourself a thank you / follow-up letter.

To follow up on an interview conducted for an RN (registered nurse) position, take a peek at the following sample:

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Thank You Follow Up Letter after RN Interview

Gwen Stefani, RN
352 Old Castle Ave
New York, NY 10369
(000) 999-8767
Gwen @ email . com

April 11, 2022

Mr. Jason Donovan
Manager Human Resource
Trinity Family Hospital
63 85th Street N
New York, NY 12478

Dear Mr. Donovan:

Thank you for taking out time from a very busy schedule to interview me for a Registered Nurse position at Trinity Family Hospital. The thirty-minute interview was extremely insightful. Now I am now more excited about the opportunity to work for your hospital.

As a dedicated nursing professional with over 12 years of experience in working for hospitals and hospices, I found myself a great fit. At Trinity Family Hospital, I will not only be able to design nursing plans from scratch but also according to each patient’s specific medical needs. Moreover, I’ll be able to interpret patient information and make critical decisions.

I look forward to meeting with you again in a second interview so that we can discuss your needs and the possibility of my contributing to your hospital in an RN role. I believe that the next interview will be even more insightful.

Thank you once again for your time and consideration.


Gwen Stefani, RN