Sample Achievements for Fresh Graduate

Updated on: April 10, 2022

Quantifying your achievements in a fresh graduate resume is very important – not for yourself only but because you need to be able to connect with the reader on several different levels.

Employers do not make important hiring decisions based on qualifications only. They want a replication of something big, achieved in another environment. This motivation is what gets them to look for accomplished individuals.

One might argue what achievements a fresh graduate might have. Plenty.

Achievements are not restricted to the workplace only.

The academic world is full of high achievers – it could be a high score in an exam or acing a project. Achievements are within a person.

What is an achievement?

The structure of achievement is simple:

By using a particular skill ➜ Carrying out a specific task ➜ Achieving a quantifiable result

This formula works along two lines:

What did I do that was so special?
What was the measurable outcome of what I did?

The answer to these two questions is your achievement.

Filling out the achievements section on your resume is important as you will likely be judged quite harshly on what you have done in the past. By this, we do not only mean what duties you were responsible for.

Putting an achievement on a resume is especially challenging for a fresh graduate who does not have the experience to fall back on.

However, even people with little or no experience will be surprised to know that they have indeed achieved a lot in an academic setting.

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Sample Achievements for Fresh Graduate Resume

• Created a records management database as part of the final year project, which was bid for and bought by the college for its data management needs.

• Made a complicated inventory program during a mock class session, now being used as a full-throttle program by the university media center.

• Worked as a part of a team of students who created a multi-media campaign that increased student enrollment by 55%.

• Named Class Representative during final year at college, owing to consistently acquiring A grades and exceptional personal conduct.

• Streamlined the university admissions office procedures by introducing centralized online enrollment procedures.

• Received 12 awards for drama and music during the 3 years spent at university.

• Coined well-known buzzword Mocker Me, which is presently being used to define student-to-student mock sessions on campus.

• Attained the Dean’s Award for Excellence, following distinctions in 5 languages and 3 sports.

• Voted as the most likely student to obtain media center presidency, reining with 890 votes.