5 High School Teacher Resume Objective Examples

Updated: January 4, 2021

A high school teacher’s job carries great responsibility. This is because a high school student is at that point in life where influences matter most, and a good teacher can have a huge role to play in providing a positive impact.

A teacher at the high school level usually specializes in and teaches one subject, which can be art, math, chemistry or biology, history or a language. School work will include lessons in class, discussions, and testing.

Some schools are proficient at giving homework; others frown on the practice. Other duties you might be given are study hall or detention duty, the organization of field trips, and extracurricular activities such as the school play.

One of the most critical roles a teacher can play is to act as a counselor of students. Because a student most likely looks up to and respects the teacher, it is essential for the teacher to mentor him or her.

5 Sample Objectives for High School Teacher Resume

1. Results-driven professional seeking a position as a High School Teacher at the ABC School. Offers bilingual abilities of teaching and lesson planning, and excellent capability in managing classroom behavior to assist students’ development and education.

2. A personable and energetic individual looking for a position as a Social Studies Teacher at the Willoughby School where the extensive experience of teaching social sciences along with exceptional mentoring skills will be fully utilized.

3. Seeking a position as an English Teacher at Dinsdale High School to utilize my BS Secondary Education degree and experience of educating students of different backgrounds.

4. To obtain a position of High School Biology Teacher at Farsight High School. Bringing a Master’s degree in Biology, excellent lesson impartation skills, and mentoring experience to contribute to the educational development of students.

5. Seeking a position as a Chemistry Teacher at Seattle High School to leverage my BS Chemistry degree and experience in classroom management to bring about excellence in high school education.