High School Chemistry Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: March 11, 2019

As you begin building your resume for a high school chemistry teacher position, you will need to highlight your passion for the subject and your expertise in imparting chemistry lessons to your students.

Since chemistry is a highly technical subject, you must make sure that you have a strong grasp on all its concepts (and sufficient teaching experience) before you begin writing your resume.

A resume for a chemistry teacher position should include your ability to plan and deliver chemistry lessons, your teaching achievements while you taught chemistry or worked in a corresponding environment.

Use of action words when pointing out your skills is very important so you should focus primarily on any technical skills that you have.

Here is a resume sample for this position that might interest you.




High School Chemistry Teacher Resume Sample



Edward Benetton

1923 Robin Lane ● West Jordan, UT 10293 ● (999) 999-9999, edwardben @ email . com


Committed to deliver exceptional results and heighten the trajectory of students’ academic and career success.

A versatile chemistry science graduate with extensive instructional and laboratory experience in an academic environment. Practical, hands-on approach to imparting chemistry lessons with a deep passion for understanding and communicating novel chemistry concepts based on extensive research.

• Adept at teaching chromatography and gel electrophoresis.
• Able to develop and implement a chemistry curriculum and lessons aimed at assisting students in learning complex concepts such as organic and chemical chemistry.
• Strong knowledge of sequence-specific recognition principals of DNA binding properties and its implementation in a classroom environment.
• Complete understanding of preparing interactive course materials including chemistry pilot projects to introduce new chemistry concepts.

• Developed a project as part of the high school pilot project series in a bid to assist students to understand the methodologies for ribonucleic acid encapsulation.
• Increased student interest in laboratory work by introducing real-time lab projects including minor electrostatic interactions with DNA.
• Decreased the number of high school students opting out of chemistry class by 30% by implementing chemistry concepts through non-conventional methods of teaching.
• Introduced interactive curriculum development to the school which brought about much interest from students willing to become part of the chemistry lesson planning activities.


Chemistry Teacher
Norton High School, West Jordan, UT | 2/2013 to Present
• Develop and implement core chemistry curriculum in accordance to state requirements for high schools.
• Create engaging chemistry lesson plans and impart them in non-conventional manners to retain students’ interest.
• Assist and supervise students in performing complex laboratory experiments.
• Educate students in the use of dangerous chemicals and lethal concoctions
• Instruct students to understand complex chemistry concepts and help them with comprehending their application.
• Establish acceptable classroom behavior and ensure it is being adhered to.
• Observe students to determine how they are performing in class and make notes of important observations.
• Discuss student progress with parents and offer reinforcements for students who have lack conceptual clarity.

Teacher Assistant – Chemistry
Fillmore High School, West Jordan, UT | 1/2008 to 2/2013
• Assisted lead chemistry teacher in developing and implementing lesson plans.
• Designed, created and distributed chemistry learning aids to students.
• Worked with students on a one-on-one basis to help them grasp complex chemistry concepts.
• Assisted students during laboratory experiments and ensured safe practices are followed.
• Reinforced chemistry concepts and assisted students with assignments.
• Observed students to gauge progress and assisted in creating student progress reports.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, 2008
DePaul University: West Jordan, UT