English Teacher Job Description for Resume

Updated on February 11, 2016

Position Overview

Whether you are teaching English as a second language or a subject, your job as an English teacher holds great importance. The basic work of an English teacher is to determine the curriculum, plan lessons and ensure that lessons are properly imparted in a class environment. Depending on which grade you are teaching, your involvement with students will vary, which means that you will need to determine how you need to interact with them on different levels.

As an English teacher, you will have one more responsibility – class management. While you will have an assistant to help you (if you are teaching younger children that is), how you engage the class matters immensely. Additionally, you will need to apply a strength-based approach to teaching so that your students benefit from your teaching efforts.


To work as an English teacher, you should possess a degree in English or education. If you have a teacher training certificate, your candidature becomes stronger. Some things are a given – you will have to be great at communicating and you will need to be exceptionally well-versed in delivering information. Without these, no one can teach, so make sure that you are able to do this before you begin preparing your resume.

Job Description for English Teacher Resume

• Create core English curriculum and determine manners of implementing it at different levels
• Design and develop lesson plans according to each student’s individual ability to understand concepts
• Instruct and motivate students in the course of study, paying special attention to slow learners
• Assign homework and classwork and assist students in understanding different ways of working out assignments
• Maintain classrooms that are conducive to learning and intellectual stimulation
• Oversee development and design of teaching aides and provide teaching assistants with assistance in developing them properly
• Prepare and administer tests according to the set curriculum and grade exams and tests in accordance to designated grading rules
• Compliment students on their achievements as part of the class encouragement program and encourage those who are unable to meet performance standards
• Provide extra help in learning concepts to students lacking understanding of them
• Evaluate students individually, carefully charting out their weaknesses and provide them with extra help where required
• Maintain student behavior by putting down ground rules and ensuring that they are properly followed
• Meet with parents to provide them with overviews of their children’s progress
• Create, maintain and record assessment reports in a confidential manner