Installers are responsible for installing complex insulation systems and usually work with clients to manage their work effectively. This is a skilled job and requires the candidate to be knowledgeable about tools and equipment that are specific to the trade.

Let us take a peek at an installer’s resume template to see what companies seek in successful candidates.

Installer Resume Template

Brian Adams
7784 Half Street, Hatton, ND 77848
(900) 012-9999, Email

To work for Econ as an Installer utilizing my technical installation skills in order to assist in building and retaining the company’s clientele.

• Over seven years of functional experience of preparing complex installations
• Highly skilled in performing installations, rip-outs and overhauls
• In depth knowledge of welding and brazing techniques
• Hands on experience of working plans for ship class for compliance with control drawings

• Accomplished 70% safety by implementing a risk assessment method that works with available data to figure out risk management
• Accredited with Technician of the Year Award for flawless work procedures in the year 2010

April 2005 – Present
Baycon, Hatton, ND
• Install, move and modify equipment according to job order specifications
• Diagnose and repair equipment malfunction
• Maintain accurate data records
• Report and monitor service changes
• Install electrical and mechanical control mechanisms
• Read blue prints for accuracy in procedures

High School Diploma – 2004

• Able to operate hand and power tools and read blueprints effectively
• Excellent understanding of troubleshooting procedures
• Excellent skills in written and oral communication
• Competent in understanding ship board documentation