Language Teacher Skills for Resume

Updated December 22, 2018

All the skills that you possess will not necessarily help you at the workplace.

When incorporating your skills in a Language Teacher resume, it is best to first highlight the ones that are job-related.

The ones that aren’t can either be classified under the “soft skills” section or the “not needed” one.

For the former, you will need to write some of the inherent abilities that you have, which a prospective employer will expect you to possess – including communication and interpersonal skills. For the latter, well, ditch the list!

If you are applying for a position of great responsibility, like that of a teacher, writing your skills eloquently becomes even more important.

Highlighting exactly what it is that makes you a good teacher is imperative. This may include your ability to teach a particular subject with ease and make it fun, ability to handle an unruly class, and of course, your knowledge of curriculum and lesson development.

Apart from these, you will need to emphasize your ability to communicate with students in a manner that they don’t feel threatened – and are taken to you as a person.

There is a thin line between charting out your skills and boasting.

Do not boast. Make the employer believe that you belong in his or her organization by dressing your resume and cover letter in professionalism.

Professional statements charting out your skills is what he or she will be looking forward to reading.

Here are some statements that you can use in a Language Teacher resume:

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Language Teacher Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in planning, preparing and delivering lessons to meet the individual requirements of each language student.

• Demonstrated expertise in preparing teaching materials to teach language concepts by carefully researching them.

• Ability to prepare and teach language in line with the integrated nature of the set curriculum.

• Exceptional ability to ensure effective differentiation in each lesson to assist students in understanding the content matter in a more profound manner.

• Documented success in monitoring students to ensure that they understand concepts properly, and providing them with extra coaching when required.

• Deeply familiar with assessing and evaluating students according to set standards, to determine their levels of understanding and limitations.

• Well-versed in using a modern and dynamic teaching approach which allows students to communicate by using the language being taught.

• Effectively able to help students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills by providing students with constant assistance and support.

• Skilled in organizing and running specialist courses to assist special needs students in learning language concepts.