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Key Skills for English Teacher | Sample Statements

Prospective employers need to know what you are capable of doing as an English Teacher before they hire you. Since your basic job application documents (the resume and cover letter) reach hiring managers before you do, it makes sense to highlight your capabilities in them. The resume already has a skills section in it, so… Read More »

English Teacher Job Description for Resume

English Teacher Job Overview Whether you are teaching English as a second language or a subject, your job as an English teacher holds great importance. The basic work of an English teacher is to determine the curriculum, plan lessons, and ensure that lessons are properly imparted in a class environment. Depending on which grade you… Read More »

Best English Teacher Resume Example

Everything that you have ever known about English teacher resume writing is about to change. If you look at your resume which was written 6 months ago, you will realize that you might not have written it that way now. This evolution is due to one reason – the ever-changing needs of employers, who are… Read More »

Top 5 English Teacher Resume Objective Examples

Position Overview They say English teaching is an easy job and everyone can do it. They are wrong! English teaching is, by far, one of the most challenging professions. It is not essential to possess knowledge only, the ability to impart knowledge is much more important than anything else – and only a few people… Read More »

English Teacher Resume Sample & Template

Besides teaching the language, English Teachers are also responsible for managing classrooms and implementing the curriculum. Their role is that of a positive mentor of their student’s career. In order to apply for an English Teacher position, the job seeker will be required to write a resume, as well as a cover letter. Let us look… Read More »