Middle School English Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: April 23, 2019

Tricky to write but important to build, resumes are the main reason any of us get a job.

Some of you might disagree and put cover letters on the forefront but the truth is that cover letters only covert the reader’s focus on the resume – the resume does the rest.


Do you now agree that it is imperative to emphasize the information in your resume? Good! Let’s move on now.

How does one write a resume that emphasizes your candidacy for a position?

There are some rules and the most important one is that you keep your resume to a maximum of two pages. Long resumes are off-putting and provide a negative effect.


For instance, a middle school English teacher should write her resume like this:


Middle School English Teacher Resume Sample


Lauren Java
291 Beechwood Drive, Danville, IL 39182
(020) 011-9872
laurenjava @ email . com


Eager to impart English language lessons in the most effective way.

Successful background in planning and executing middle school curriculum. 10+ years’ hands-on experience in incorporating co-curricular activities into regular curriculums and leading expressions-based educational programs for middle school students. Demonstrated expertise in designing and providing instruction in accordance with curriculum planning and timing guidelines. Adept at working with other instructional staff to produce favorable academic outcomes and a positive school environment. Documented success in selecting and using a range of different teaching resources to assist students in learning concepts. Special talent for handling student evaluations and assessments and helping all students stay on par with each other


• Curriculum development
• Interactive activities
• Performance improvement
• Child development
• Lesson plan infusion
• Behavior management
• Research
• Functional displays
• Balanced instructional programs
• Communication skills development
• Optimal learning environment
• Disciplinary procedures


  • Integrated activities-based learning programs into regular middle years curriculum which improved student grades by 60%
  • Introduced and led IB MYP for the first time in the school and attracted 77% of students enrolled in regular streams
  • Led a functional display competition which increased students’ interest in classroom activities
  • Coordinated 15 events aimed at creating interest in the school’s diverse curriculum


English Teacher
FOUNDATION ACADEMIES, Danville, IL | 6/2007 to Present

  • Prepare English curriculum based on individual students’ learning capacities and in accordance with state rules
  • Create and implement lesson plans according to set curriculums and ensure that correlating teaching materials are acquired
  • Develop and implement instructional aides by performing detailed research
  • Ensured that all developed plans and aides are in accordance with established concepts of the English language
  • Assist students in understanding and deriving information from English literature reading
  • Create and administer exams and assignments and grade them according to set principles
  • Observe students to determine changes in behavior and deal with adversities in accordance to set behavior rules
  • Evaluate each student’s performance and development and create correlating reports
  • Communicate with parents to provide them with insight into their children’s progress and limitations
  • Create and maintain students’ records, by ensuring confidentiality

Assistant Teacher
DANBURY PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Danville, IL | 1/2005 to 6/2007

  • Assisted in implementing middle school lesson plans according to lead teacher’s instructions
  • Provided support to individual students with their assignments and learning concepts
  • Ensured that students behaved properly during class time and ensured a safe learning environment for them to thrive in
  • Performed research work to gather materials for class instruction
  • Supervised students during classroom activities and in playgrounds


Bachelor’s Degree in Education
STATE UNIVERSITY, Danville, IL – 2008
Major: Elementary Education

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