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Catering Attendant Resume Sample

Being responsible for the preparation of food, its service, table clearing, and kitchen clean-up, a catering attendant position is fascinating for those who have a genuine passion for catering. An ideal catering attendant’s resume needs to demonstrate the enthusiasm of the candidate and willingness to take and follow instructions. Most employers prefer candidates who have… Read More »

Garage Attendant Resume Sample

Garage attendants are mostly hired by companies who have a high need for handling a parking problem. Popular employers for garage attendants include large conglomerates, hotels and healthcare facilities due to the huge amount of vehicles involved. In general, garage attendants greet customers and take over their cars from them so that they can find… Read More »

Laundry Attendant Resume Sample

A laundry attendant is accountable for priding laundry service to the employer. S/he washes, dries, and folds linen and towels, ensures quality services and supports for all departments. They must be skilled in providing additional assistance with housekeeping, locker rooms, and restrooms. Also, s/he is responsible for stacking, sorting, and maintaining supplies and facilities for use by room… Read More »

Entry-Level Food Attendant Resume With No Experience

Food attendants perform a variety of food preparation, customer service, cash handling, and cleaning duties in different hospitality establishments. They are responsible for greeting customers, recommending specials, and answering questions about menu items. Also, they take and relay orders, prepare food and drinks orders, and serve food and drinks at a counter or in a… Read More »