Catering Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: February 27, 2021

Being responsible for the preparation of food, its service, table clearing, and kitchen clean-up, a catering attendant position is fascinating for those who have a genuine passion for catering.

An ideal catering attendant’s resume needs to demonstrate the enthusiasm of the candidate and willingness to take and follow instructions.

Most employers prefer candidates who have some know-how of maintaining kitchen hygiene, sanitary standards, and customer service etiquette.

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Catering Attendant Resume Example

Patricia Ceci
ppatricia . cecil @ email . com
909 Renascence Ave, Redwood, CA 89303
(000) 333-8545


Customer service-oriented and industrious catering professional with extensive experience in preparing meals, setting up the dining room, serving meals, and cleaning up the area after meals. Particularly effective in customer complaint handling and buffet supervision. A committed team player who has a proven ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.

• Well versed in reading, writing, and following recipes
• Substantial knowledge of kitchen and workstation hygiene standards
• Proficient in operating kitchen-related electrical appliances
• California driver’s license holder

• Assisted head chef in a major event successfully and singlehandedly at Christmas eve 2019.
• Attained the most dedicated catering assistant title twice in two years.


Catering Attendant | 8/2014 – Present
Marriot International, Redwood, CA
• Assist in preparation of dishes before peak times and follow recipes to fulfill orders as needed.
• Note down the special needs of customers and communicate the same to the kitchen.
• Maintain work area and service region in a neat, clean sanitized, and hygienic manner.
• Manage leftover food and raw material, label and store the same appropriately until next usage.
• Politely handle customer complaints and respond to the same immediately.
• Set up buffet tables, and supervise and refresh the same during service.
• Make purchases of eatables as and when asked, to replenish or restock any raw material in the pantry.

Catering Assistant
Bon Appétit, Redwood, CA 
8/2009 – 6/2014
• Assisted in breakdown tasks including storing and labeling of leftover food, cleaning up the dishes, and work tidying of workstations.
• Assembled and delivered various food orders from the workstation to the guest’s tables.
• Cleaned and maintained tables, chairs, and counters in hygienic condition before, after, and during service.
• Replenished the buffet dishes through effective coordination with the prep and cooking department.

AAS Degree in Hospitality
State College, Redwood, CA | 2009

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