Bus Attendant Resume Sample

Updated December 5, 2021
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A bus attendant resume helps you position yourself so that you can effectively meet your career goals.

Your resume should be able to catch your best side, making other contenders for the job look pale in comparison.

Putting your best face forward is all that a resume is about, and we do not mean just the experience part.

A bus attendant resume is more than mere experience – accomplishments, skills, and competencies are important sections on a resume.

Here is a complete resume for you to get ideas from:

Bus Attendant Resume Example

Steve Portman
2852 Saint John Street
South Dartmouth, MA 44565 
(000) 854-1201
stport @email .com


Very polite and friendly bus attendant with a solid track record of getting along with passengers.
Able to effectively create a presence onboard school and passenger buses to provide assistance and enforce safety regulations. Proficient in:
• Assisting bus drivers in the instruction of students and concerning bus safety and loading and unloading.
• Maintaining regular and predictable attendance.
• Monitoring students with special needs.
• Ensuring onboard behavior maintenance to prevent distraction for the driver.
• Preparing documentation including incident reports and records required by the school district.

• Student Safety and Security
• Behavior Management
• Special Needs Assistance
• Vehicle Safety
• Student Assistance
• Route Time Tracking
• Route Scheduling
• Seat Assignment

• Devised a special protocol for students with special needs, making them feel comfortable in interacting with other students.
• Warded off potential injury to students and teachers by recognizing signs of illness in the driver and taking over the driving in time.
• Implemented a daily attendance system that increased reporting efficiency by 59%.
• Saved the life of a student who had trouble breathing by providing him with prompt first aid while on the bus, and initiating procedures to get him to the hospital.


Bus Attendant
Phoenix Elementary School, South Dartmouth, MA
11/2016 – Present
• Greet students and teachers as they board the bus and provide them with assistance in boarding.
• Assist students with their bags and lunchboxes by providing them with information on where to dock them.
• Assign seats to students and teachers and ensure that they are properly buckled in.
• Instruct students in appropriate onboard safety by providing them with information on rules and regulations.
• Help students with special needs to board the bus and ensure that they are not bullied.
• Maintain attendance and ridership records according to specific instructions provided by the school district board.
• Observe and track route timings and assist the driver in mapping effective routes to destinations.
• Report incidents such as accidents, behavioral issues, and inappropriate social behavior.

Bus Aide
Amber Charter Schools, Dartmouth, MA
2/2012 – 11/2016
• Assisted young students to board onto the school bus and helped them fasten their seatbelts.
• Engaged new students in conversation in a bid to make them feel comfortable.
• Ascertained that school bags and lunchboxes were properly secured in designated areas on the bus.
• Provided assistance to students, especially those with special needs, in disembarking from the bus.
• Created and maintained reports of student behavior and other incidents such as accidents.

High School Diploma
South Dartmouth High School, South Dartmouth, MA – 2006