Parking Lot Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: July 28, 2021

Parking lot attendants work at the parking lots to guide vehicle owners in parking their cars systematically. They work at hotels, commercial areas, automobile companies, and local government parking.

In a parking lot attendant resume, an applicant should mention the following skills: 

  • Physical Dexterity
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Can-do Attitude
  • Ability to work in extreme weather conditions

The following parking lot attendant resume will guide you in your resume writing process. Feel free to copy and customize this example as per your requirements.

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Sample Resume for a Parking Lot Attendant

Phillip Olson
12 Bent Creek Drive, Benton, KY 88885
(000) 414-7877
pipolson @ email . com


Passionate valet and parking attendant with 9+ years’ vast experience in providing guests with assistance in parking their cars and locating suitable parking spaces. Clear driving record along with exceptional expertise in driving both manual and automatic shift vehicles. Ensures the safety of vehicles within the parking area by constantly monitoring suspicious activities.

• Facility Maintenance
• Stick Shift/Auto Transmission
• Equipment Maintenance
• Traffic Control
• Parking Charges Calculation
• Identification Management
• Revenue Control
• Minor Servicing
• Damage Prevention
• Barricade Maintenance

• Successfully handled parking solutions for over 100 cars in a congested car parking area.
• Averted a potential vehicle theft by keeping a vigilant eye out and recognizing suspicious activity.
• Implemented revenue control equipment which decreased ticket issuance time by 87%.
• Increased security of the parking area by implementing a customer identification system.


Parking Lot Attendant
Hospitality Parking, Benton, KY
9/2013 – Present
• Greet customers and inquire into their self or valet parking needs
• Provide ticket stubs to customers and assist them in using revenue control equipment
• Take specific instruction from customers regarding their cars and drive them safely to parking areas
• Assist customers in parking their own cars in defined parking spaces within the parking lot
• Patrol parking areas to ward off any suspicious activity and take action in cases of nefarious activities taking place
• Barricade no parking areas and direct traffic to appropriate parking spaces

Parking Lot Attendant
AA Company, Benton, KY
11/2011 – 9/2013
• Assisted facility managers in maintaining daily operations of parking facilities
• Guided guests in the use of automated revenue control systems such as ticket dispensers and pay stations
• Collected and categorized parking ticket transactions in accordance with the company’s protocols
• Retrieved customers’ vehicles from parking areas and hand them over after ensuring appropriate identification
• Handled cashiering duties by accepting payments in exchange for rendered services and issuing change and receipts
• Helped customers in handling problems with their vehicles including tire changes and jump-starts
• Cleaned walkways and parking lots by performing sweeping activities
• Collected garbage and leaves and ensured that they were properly disposed of
• Directed traffic within the parking lot to ensure that all vehicles were parked properly
• Patrolled parking areas and building surrounding areas to ward off any nefarious activities
• Assisted valets with traffic control activities during rush hours

High School Diploma
St. James’ High School, Benton, KY – 2005

Current Driver’s License with a good driving record